Tuesday, December 12, 2006

This is the end... the end my friend.

Today is Tuesday. Next tuesday I leave residence for the last time. It is bittersweet to love the place I have held dear and called home for the last 3 and a half years. So I have one week left in this home and that is good and bad. Here's why...

Pros of leaving Campus:

1- 'growing up'- reaching a new stage of life by just taking on more responcibility.
2- change is good- going beyond the stagnent into something fearful makes you better
3- Friends- Dan, Brad, Paul, Penney and Clements live within 100 feet or in the house.
4- Price- theorhetically cheaper
5- Fun- Things will be fun

Cons of leaving Campus:

1- walking- living off campus requires me to move farther than ten feet from day to day.
2- Friends- Feeney, Andrew, Dave, Steve, Will and a whole whack more of my friends live on campus.
3- Food- I have to make my own food... but that can be good.
4- Community- I will be leaving a community I love dearly and that is not easy

Ultimatly this was a tough choice. the balance of right and wrong, good and bad, friends vs friends... its all very complicated but I think I made the right choice. Oh and I may have prayed about it... who knows?

P the P

Monday, December 04, 2006

Paper Mache

It seems I have finished yet another semester of writing papers. I have spent a fair share of time expressing my various thoughts on religion, philosophy and law (yes I didn't really expect law either) But none the less I have made it through the wilderness and taken a few trees with me. But as the semester closes I take a moment to reflect on the value of what I have learned.

Critical Reasoning (Monday and Wenesday 2:45 pm-4:00)

This class has been spent analysing the words and arguements of other people in attempts ot teach me how to better express my opinion. A small class of 8, we love to sit and mull over the suttle nuances of a good sillogism, the ins and outs of standard form and all the truth tables I could handle. It has been a time well.... spent.

Law and Religion (Monday 6:30 pm-9:30)

With one of my most interesting professors this class is probably one I'll never forget. Responcible for more reading then the sum total of my career in university. We have analysed what religious law means. This class intended for second year students is filled with forth year plus seeing as though the only students in second year dropped this course after day one. I will take whatever grade I can get at this point and will be content to pass... this course was meant to be a bird course for me and it was but the bird just happened to be a pheonix going down in flames.

First Corinthians (Wednesday 6:30 pm-9:30)

Dr. Penner teaches this course. What else can I say?

But for those of you who don't understand that reference. This class is very interesting, practical and full of ancient greek references. Yes I know I am a little bit of a nerd but I can't enough. I do however sit in the back of the class drawing pictures of various relevance with Brad.

World View Seminar (Thursday 8:30 am-11:30)

Big books and big words. Every week we come to this class and discuss the problem of humanity in various forms. We tend to glaze over the solution but I think we are getting there. This class is by far the most stimulating class I have because although I understand the proffessor I could never quite explain it so eloquently as he does.

This has been my semester. I have travelled the same halls, to the same rooms, to learn things that matter and don't all at the same time. The sum of my work this semester is that I understand what the problem with the world is both in the ancient world of the corinthians and in the world today. I can argue them in the manner of Plato and Socrates and ultimately I can't truely express them freely due to the law. Too bad.

P the P

Friday, November 24, 2006


The time has come the walrus said to think of many things
Of ceiling tiles falling off, of food at J and T's
But while he stood and talk of these, I thought it a bummer
I went off, and left that place and moved away to cummer.

So I am finally embarking on the journey that most people take in their second year. I am moving off campus. My future home is at Cummer. And I am excited to go there.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Spy vs Spy

In the last month I have been given the oppertunity to experience a TV show called: Alias.

This show is about spies. They cheat, lie, trick, double cross, shot each other, yell alot, turn tables, cover things up, use cool gadgets, talk about things that I don't understand and pretty much have some of the cheesiest moments in television history. Now if you can look past these cheesy moments and actually just take them as good times, then you will have good times.

The show is built around some very interesting characters.

Marshall- a side character, Marshall is the tech guy. He's awkward. He's funny. He's awkwardly funny. He's my favorite character.

Jack- The best actor. He never smiles... well actually he did once. He's tough and takes no guff (if I knew what guff was)

Ultimately I enjoy the show. I'm only at about season 4 episode 5. I'm still interested. Thats good.

P the P

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Life of PI

I have a friend who has a blog. But this blog isn't created to tell you about his day, or to make a joke or two. His blog tells a story.

Early 2005 Mike Hamilton wrote the "Survivor Blog." The reality show blog. It was great. I was a character... People I knew were characters... people I didn't know were characters. It was all organized in his head and he wrote it out for us every weeks. It was amazing.

Now Mike's latest project, Robbers and Cops, is a new reality game and it is fun to read. There are robbers, there are cops and there are private eyes. I'm a private eye and its pretty much fun to read.

I even have a funny story to go along with this. Last January I was at Emanuel Bible College for a conference on Student Publications. At the reception following, I was cracking jokes and letting the whole world know I liked cheese and crackers. Then this guy came up to me and said "Are you Patrick Sutherland PI?" Now I looked at the man for a second trying to guess what he was talking about and eventually my blank stare told him I wasn't sure what he meant. He responded "From Cops and Robbers online." And in that moment I realised I was a celebrity. I was being recknized for my loose affiliation to a blog that a friend of mine writes. It was pretty funny. I shook the guy's hand, gave him my autograph and got in my limosine (more specifically Lewis' car).

Anyways here's to you Mike Hamilton and your Reality blogging. I look forward to Survivor 2.

If you are interested in Mike's Blogs Cops and Robbers (which is still going on) can be found at robbersandcops.blogspot.com

and Survivor Hamilton can be found at survivorhamilton.blogspot.com

P the P

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Good News....

No one mourns the Weekend and as mine begins this very day, Thursday Oct 19th, I embark into a stellar production of Wicked.

This musical is a replay of the story of the wicked witch of the west (Elphaba) and Glinda the good witch. It focuses on the adventure of Elphaba as she grows up and becomes who she is going to be. It is an intrguing show. It reminds me of the Smallville type scene. Where we know the end but the means of that end are mysterious and unknown.

I'm pretty excited. It will be entertaining and as I prepare to embark on this Musical story I can't wait to see it all.

And for those of you who hate witches... oops.

P the P

Monday, October 02, 2006

You asked for it...

Much to my shagrin I have been asked to complete my post on my room. I imagine three straight posts dedicated to my room is a little much but the Triology I have now created can be titled:

The Lord of my Things Trilogy
The Space Wars Trilogy
The Back to the Furniture Trilogy
The Evil Bed Trilogy
The Unhomey Trinity
Or Finally...
The Matrice Trilogy

Either way here are the objects requested and one new member to the room.

1) the White Board- Though not white, it features a dynamic silver quality found only at Canadian Tire. Upon it these days is a lovely drawing of Captain Will the Pirate. It resides above my van seat and is a welcome addition to the room.

2) Overly Large Photo of Janet- Dropped off at my house in the late of evening the day she left, this 8 by 10 sits somewhere in the room... I can't quite remember but here is a photograph of it last time I saw it....

3) The New Guy- While not a guy, this plant is my best friend and the perfect roomate.

Well thus completes the epic trilogy of my room. I would like to note that Janet and Will complained because these parts of the room featured them and well I'd do the same for you.

P the P

Thursday, September 28, 2006

My Space

This isn't just a rant against the amassing internet cult known as "My Space" (ironically just another form of Blog type community)

But low and behold I have rearranged my space aka my room. This move has created a fun-shway environment capable of entertaining all men and women (note the invitation).

Now for the new layout:

1. The Closet- Now acessable to all humans. It now has a hat on its shelf.

2. Stacked Desks- I have stacked the desks and have stacked the deck in my favor for space.

3. Van Seat- Now located in a 'near the door' location. Its nice to talk to people as they walk by.

4. Bookshlef- Still shelving books.

5. Bed- No Change

6. Abnormally long Dresser- Stylishly tucked away where no one will see it.

7. TV stand- The TV stands here on wheels now capable of moving anywhere in the room

8. The guitar- Ah Ah Ah Ah Standing Alive

This is my new room. Love it. Drop in. Maybe even say hi.

P the P

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Single Life

I love ambiguos things.

The title above misleads you all so well that I can hardly wait to tell you the secret of the title. This reflection is infact on the topic of having a single room.

I entered this barren wasteland that is considered a dorm room to find more space then imaginable. It was beautiful. No roomate. No restriction. It was wonderful. I think I heard angels singing but that may have just been music blaring from Kentie's room.

Now on the topic of roomates let me clarify. I have had marvelous experiences with roomates. Longard, Thompson and Micah were all individuals that stood to make my day brighter. But in the long run I enjoy my space as much as the next man so I dished out the cash to get that freedom.

And with this new found freedom I have laid out the room in the manner most befitting a single room...


1. The Closet/Sink Area- This has long been a place various items of clothing and what not. But I have abandoned this space for the sake of nothing. I rarely use this closet anyways so I dub it "the neutral zone"

2/3. My Desk- Complete with desktop computer, pen holder and various rubik's cubes, the desk area serves to eat up much of my time. It also serves as a great place for doing homework (I guess anyways). It also has the proper amount of space for a LAN party of two or three people. I dub this space "The Desk of Eternity"

4. The tradition van seat- Note that over the summer one of the two van seats that I love grew cold. Or more specifically grew mold. So it has long been removed from me home and is gone to a 'better' place. But the vigilant, bold seat that remains is holding its own. It is a vital part of the corner area which I will discuss later. It is dubbed "The Throne"

5. Abnormally long dresser- With Tv, Xbox, Game cube and many other forms of entertainment this object makes the room the place to be. Thankfully I found a way to place this obstruction in such a way that it is a blessing not a burden. I dub it "The Abnormally long dresser"

6. The Bed- A favoured item in my room. I dub it "Home"

7. The Bookshelf- Part of the trifector with number 4 and 8, the bookshelf shelves my books. It stands as a becon to the education I an attempting to get here at Tyndale. It also holds the shelf of memories; the place where I put items of significance from my tyndale years. It with the van seat is dubbed 'The Reading Nook"

8. My Guitar- Musical influence in the room that allows my spirit to soar. I call it, in conjunction with the van seat: "The Rocking Nook"

This has been your tour of Patman's 'Pat Cave' Donation are welcome in the donation box at the end of tour.

P the P

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Let's start the Revolution...


This weekend I began playing the game Dance Dance Revolution. The games purpose is to step on the proper dance pad at the right time... I think the concept of me doing this is funny enough to make this blog halarious. So Dance.

The Dance Pad:

The Dance Screen:

The Dance:

Pat T. Patman

Note: The above photograph may or may not contain me dancing

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Reading, the story of Pat's Life...

In attempts to create many a blog I have destroyed three whole posts... one on "Boxed Sets," one on "Missing" and this one... My desktop failed me many times and frankly my energy is waning...

But now in the midst of my studying I am presented with many opertunities to read... so I present to you:

Pat's Reading List Fall 2006

ritical Thinking- This book argues for the sake of arguement. Talks about talking and sets up even the most unless individual to make a point. It is a required text for my critical reasoning class.

A Canticle f
or Leibowitz- A post-apocalyptic world where all written knowledge has been destroyed except for loose fragments here and there. Now society is being reborn within this realm. Includes a character named 'Brother Pat.' Worth my time and yours.

Law and Religous Freedom in Canada- Goes hand in hand with the course "Law
and Religion' and sounds about as boring as my last post.

Garfield at Large- Not a typical university book but foundational in my life none the less.

The Brothers Karamazov- A book about a disfunctional family that is deeply involved in a court case/murder mystery. It's the 90s version of "Arrested Developement"... more or less.

1 Corithians: a Commentary- its a commentary on 1 Corinthians.

The Bible- Useful for life, the inspired word of God, a textbook but not a textbook, this is the key text of my... life and so makes it onto the reading list for today.

This is a brief look at my current reading list. I would also recommend balancing these with a healthy balance of House, Futurama, Corner Gas and Smallville.

Patman the Pat

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Humor... Comedy... What?

I have an insite to share with the world about this site. I like to think of myself as funny, sometimes even witty. And frankly I like to use this place as a healthy outlet for that twisted part of me. In efforts to this I post pictures, like this,

which although isn't really that funny will in the oddity of the moment will make us all laugh. (or atleast my crossed fingers will be pressing for that)

Anyways, humor is infact, a fiticious, not real, and maybe even sarcastic punch at the events of my day, history, television or just anything I deem funny. So in conclusion I will leave you with this disclaimer...


P the P

(Note: this very post is also humor. See its funny cause its overstating the drastically obvious. Well now that I explained the joke its not as funny. Well I still think it's funny. Maybe you do too I don't really know cause I'm just writing this now. Well this rant surly isn't helping the validity of the humor in this blog and in an effort to make it funnier I may have very well gone on too long right here. Well, forget everything I said. Well not the stuff above, the stuff here in the bottom... yeh, ok)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pat and the Women Who Love Him...

Over the summer my grace and charm inspired the hearts of women everywhere to swoon. But even more specifically two women. But at this point I'm left questioning: How do I explain this properly?

Lets start at the beginning...

Pix (Janet)- Known for a long while, this poor girl had no choice but to fall for me. She was the assistant director in charge of females and had to... no longed to work beside me every single day. As the summer progressed and I began to school her in slaps, fooseball, ping pong and any other gaming type event she couldn't help but see the brilliance that is me. My name even appears on her blog 1.7 times per post.

Midge (Rebecca)- This girl has been falling for me for about a year now. She worked at camp last summer and let me tell you she's got it bad. She would sit and lose at scrabble again and again. The poor girl so madly in love with me took the defeat again and again and again (I could go on but I won't). This summer she back for youth camp cause she heard I was programming (with Pix)... shes a jealous girl so she came to watch out for me. But the plan backfired and she just fell for me more. Its just too bad.

Needless to say I had some fun making fun of them and eventually they retaliated with a song... Now I'm not the type to post an entire song so I'll just let you in on a line or two...

"You... be my Rubix, baby!"
"... you know it all!"
"We looked at him... we winked... a very big grin..."
"Rubix, you've got me..."

In conclusion I would like to apologize to these girl for turning them down... you'll find someone some day...

Patman the Pat

Saturday, August 26, 2006

I killed a man this week....

Waldo was his name... It was brilliant.

Imagine this scene. You enter camp a young teenager 14-18. You have been to camp many times before and frankly you think you know the drill. Someone runs the program while you enjoy the ride. But this year its a new guy, Waldo, and, well, he's a jerk. He pushes people around, makes fun of everyone, takes away all the awsome and fun traditions that you have come to love and is just striving to ruin everything about your week.

The evening progresses and you try to make the best of it. But suddenly at campfire the light black out and when they return Waldo is gone... I enter half an hour later to tell you Waldo is dead and its your job to figure out who did it.

Surprise surprise it wasn't me but, boy, was I responcible.

Youth Camp 2006: Where's Waldo? He's dead!

Patman the Pat: Deluxe

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Anger... Sucks

Patman the Pat

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Super Nova... Scotia

It was beautiful rainy day as I departed camp for four days rest in the distant land of Nova Scotia. I arrived at home and back my bags and slept briefly. I arose tired but will I was about to embark on a journey that would set my heart ablaze.

The plane ride to Toronto was normal. I did however discover that I have a deep deep passion for Dad's Oatmeal cookies.

I sat in the airport for a good 5 hours. I watched the movie the great escape. Turns out... It wasn't that great after all. But it was entertaining. I would like to redub the film "The Entertaining Attempt to Escape and I Guess Some of them Make It" But apparently it was based on a true story so I will choose to no longer make fun of it.

I arrived in Halifax and tried with all my might to find my friend head and shoulders above the rest. And eventually there he was, Andrew Thompson.

The reason for the journey was to witness Andrew and Sarah get married. I was fortunate and honored to serve as MC for their wedding. So, Andrew arrived in Halifax to pick me up. We drove to Truro remembering our old friends, past adventures and something about a missing cow. It was good. Friends destined to laugh, share and grow, we headed to my hotel.

My hotel room was fit for four but only for me. I was happily alone in this kingdom. Andrew called his lady friend and I ate my dinner.

Shortly after this brief stop we arrived at the home of the Sampsons. Sarah came running out. Andrew went running. I tried to find some way around them into her house. But to no avail I stood there ruining there first moment in months. Soon though, other came out and built a path for me. Inside I talked with other old friends and eventually the power went out. (It seems to be following me)

The next day I awoke bright and early at Three in the afternoon. Work had taken its toll and I was taking it back. I had a quick dinner and went to rehearsal. I entered in the back door and found myself face first with the bride and groom to be and felt a little out of place. But I was welcomed by a smile and soon the rehearsal was over.

We went to the after party and I ran to the room without the crowd and lost at a game of scrabble. The power did not go out this time but my passion for Scrabble did. I serenaded the ladies still preparing things the night before wedding and eventually went to my hotel and slept.

I awoke in time to shave, dress and eat. I went to the wedding and was amazed at the beauty and strength of the service and the two people I couldn't be happier for.

It was a wonderful evening. I cracked jokes, ate good food, experienced strange dancing rituals. It was marvelous. I would like to note at this point I sat with Andrew and his two brothers: James and Troy. And I gotta tell you that if you think one Thompson is funny... Try three. I could have died, it was so funny.

In the end I saw my sister Jen and returned to camp.

It was a great time, with great friends and I wouldn't have traded it for the world. Congratulations Andrew and Sarah Thompson.

(I will incorperate images at a different date since I am having no luck with them now)

Pat the Patman

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Beards: When the razors fail...

For the past week or so I have taken the journey of not shaving. Needless to say it was itchy, annoying and grew in little spurts here and there. It was not the full beard that all men love to have. In fact I would go as far as to say it was not the 'in' thing to do. Having said that, I have learned a thing or two about beards that I would love to share with the world.

Numero Uno: Beards are a commodity. It may come as a surprise to you but women cannot grow beards, or rather they choose not to grow beards. I personally have heard the legend of a 'bearded lady' whom roams the forests of British Columbia but I think that may just be a tourist trap. Now as I was saying, beards are a commodity. Even the youth here at camp looked at me with awe as I struted about with my semi-manly, half-hearted beard. It was great. And, for your information, all women found me utterly repulsive. Score one for the big guy. (thumbs up)

Number Two: Misquitoes don't touch beards. As all other areas of my body were sucked dry of blood, I found it nice and relaxing to have my lower facial area not effected by the vampires.

Three: Beards save time. And time is money, so do it. No, really, I saved like five minutes a day and that times 7 is almost entire episode of House. It was sweet.

Now at this point you may be wondering: "Why would Pat blog about beards? That is a really boring topic. I mean what is he thinking. He's an idiot." But folks the mundane and beardly things of this world are more interesting than: Janet.

P the P

(I would like to note at this point that Janet spent the entire time that I blogged this trying to get me to write it about her. I have achieved this mission.)

For more information on beards check out your public library or vist www.beards.org.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


I awoke the next day. It was oddly quiet and there was no one around. I peaked out from under my blanket. I was overly hot that morning so I went to turn the fan on. It lay still and I flicked the switch. It still layed still. Frustrated with the fan and the heat I decide to turn on the tap and brush my teeth. Strangely I found that no water came and my teeth were not about to be properly cleaned. I shrugged and carried on.

I moved up stairs and found that the day had long begun. It was after all 5 pm. I must have slept a long time. It turns out my radio wasn't on either. Something was really off. I decided that a nice cold pepsi late in the afternoon would do me good. So I reached into the darkened refridgerator and found only warm pepsi. I drank it anyways cause hey, I like the stuff.

The entire building was as quiet as a mouse and I figured apropriately I would check my email and maybe write in my blog. Oddly enough it seemed the computer had broken or something because it wouldn't turn on. By this point I was a little up set so I looked at the clock and realised that it was 5:00 am so I went back to bed....

I love power outtages...


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Midnight never seemed so early and morning never seemed so late

I knew not what to say with my slight music playing and the sound of a photo copier

You see midnight seemed so early and morning seemed so late.

I thought of screaming really loud and waking up the camp...

When midnight seemed so early and morning seemed so late.

I thought of days when I slept til noon and (LAN) partied til 3...

When midnight seemed so early and morning seemed so late.

I thought of friends of old who made me laugh and taught me life...

When midnight seemed so early and morning seemed so late.

I relived adventures of useless quest and events I seldom forget...

When midnight seemed so early and morning seemed so late.

I dreamt of the future and pondered the past...

When midnight seemed so early and morning seemed so late.

I lived in the moment and let myself just be...

When midnight seemed so early and morning seemed so late.

It is all well and good and a great place to be...

When midnight seems so early and morning seems so late.

But in the end when all is said and done I'd just rather be in bed...

When midnight seems so early and morning seems so late.

a P the P original.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Phone was for Both of Us

As I ran I thought for sure she was going to beat me. I knew I wasn't a runner and as my flipflops made a WHACK WHACK louder than anything I"ve ever heard, I figured it was over. I bolted up the stairs, which is an out of character things to do, and saw her as she moved towards the phone. I knew I had lost. She knew I had lost. You see the phone was for both of us. But then I realised while she was walking toward the phone I could just reach over the counter and grab it.

It turns out.... I won.

My sister had called and well, I won. It was pretty sweet. Jen and I talked about the race and how I had won. And we talked about my blog which was neat because I didn't know she read it.

I won.

Ptmn th pt

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Art of Nothingness

Today I have nothing to do. And I plan to do it well. This is a good things and a proud endeavor.

Some people think blogs are useless... They should read this post. It had everything to do with everything.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Toxic Mold and Story Telling: Staff Training 101

So camp has finally begun...

I no longer sit in an office alone, I am no longer a solitary force that moves from registration to registration. People are everywhere and I have begun to find my place in the crowd of staff.

I have started to notice a few things. The first day of camp my table was the last to fill up. I sat and a good friend of mine joined me but the highschoolers went together on their owe adventures. But as I sat and recalled tales of old with my dear friend, halirity would ensue. He would laugh. I would laugh. It was great.

The next day a few other people began joining us. Laughing along and waiting for me to share a story that makes people laugh. Finally today I noticed that not only was my seat saved as my own. But people were flocking to the table just to take part in these stories. (Ironic thing is I am running out but don't tell anyone) I just find it funny that people move to where the action is.

Anyways last night I achieved some staple camp moments. We had our first campfire, we moved a giant pile of brush and I fell out of my chair at dinner. But I had an entirely different experience in the evening. TOXIC MOLD. Joy upon joy. Its as black as night and twice as thick. Its grimmy, gross and gruesome. It was attached to bored and boy did it smell bad. But it was a new experience. That my friends is camp life... so far.

Patman the Pat Esq.

Friday, June 23, 2006

The Magic Blog: Its like white on rice

There was a blog that was little
that's color made it invisible
So if you highlight this text
You no longer be vexed
By this blog's intriguing riddle

So if you've solved the riddle of the blog be happy, proud but tell no one or else.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Peer Pressure: Everybody Reads

Well I have been overlooking a blog or two these last couple days and I have noticed that everybody puts quotes from books in their blog. And so, I, being a 'blogger' (the closest thing I'll ever be to a jogger) must include a post with a quote to make my blog complete and relevant. And so from Donald Miller's "Through Painted Deserts" I give you this scene. They have reached the grand canyon and wish to climb down it. They search for a map. :

Paul bypasses the brochures and the rock exhibit, making his way to the counter where a young girl in a brown uniform stands with a fake smile.

"Can I help you?"

"Yes. We were needing a trail map for the cayon."

"Are you going down?" She asks.

"Yes," one of us says.

"Do you have a permit yet?"

"Well, I didn't know for sure if we needed one," Paul remarks.

"You do," she says.

"We do," I say, lifting my eyebrows. I pull out my Blockbuster video card and set it on the counter. She looks at it confused, then back to Paul.

And there you have it. Deal with it. Learn from it. But most of all laugh... cause I tell you to.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Summer Reruns: Live from New York

Funny experience today. I was flipping through the channels and I saw Saturday Night Live. It was a wonderful scene, Christmas in fact, and I was shocked to find out that "Live from New York it was Saturday night." Now although it was saturday night I just couldn't figure out why they were celebrating Christmas in June. I racked my brain, did some research on the net and found out that this episode was not in fact 'live.' I felt like a fool. All this time I thought it was a clever little play on our holiday traditions but no, it was a hoax.

But I like reruns. Otherwise I would download a lot of tv or spend alot more on DVDs.

Anways Merry Christmas.
Patman the Pat

Summer Reruns: "Live from New York"

Funny experience today. I was flipping through the channels and I saw Saturday Night Live. It was a wonderful scene, Christmas in fact, and I was shocked to find out that "Live from New York it was Saturday night." Now although it was saturday night I just couldn't figure out why they were celebrating Christmas in June. I racked my brain, did some research on the net and found out that this episode was not in fact 'live.' I felt like a fool. All this time I thought it was a clever little play on our holiday traditions but no, it was a hoax.

But I like reruns. Otherwise I would download a lot of tv or spend alot more on DVDs.

Anways Merry Christmas.
Patman the Pat

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

"I don't think the bearded lady is running around throwing eggs at people"

1980- I wasn't around. I don't really understand that world. And franky I've never understood Duran Duran. But I think high school has always been the same.

1999- I was around. I didn't really understand that world. And I hadn't figured out Duran Duran but I discovered the 80's classic the 'Rubik's Cube' And high school was just around the corner for me.

2006- I'm still around. I don't really understand the world (but I pretend I do). Duran Duran is aparently working as alook a like group for Dan Young, Nathan Colquhoun and 'Al Housel' (I never saw it). (See Below)

But what does this have to do with the bearded lady and eggs. Well about two months ago I had visited Jon Nip (My smallville and DVD supplier) to borrow a new show on DVD and he gave me his most prized collection "Freaks and Geeks: The Complete Series." 6 DVDs with 18 episodes, one never aired. This little known TV show from 2000 was set in the 80s and was about a boy, Sam, and a girl, Lindsay, in high school. The boy was a Geek and the girl was a Freak. They were brother and sister and they were trying to grow up in the complex world of high school.

The show tackled issues like divorce, tough home lives, step-parents, rebellion and rocking out. It made a pretty good show on that premise alone. But not only that, mixed with the realism in the show was comedy. It was tackling issues and tickling our funny bones. It could go from sadness to laughter in a matter of seconds.

The show had great characters such as a hippie guidance councellor that wants to be 'cool,' a wise geek that offers advice to the younger geeks, and parents that will make you wonder why some people procreate.

My favorite character was Bill he was a geek and pretty much was born to play a geek (as far as I can tell)

My Favorite episode was "Tricks or Treats" where the line in the title comes from.

This was a well written show but only lasted for one season. Watch it if you can.

Pat, Man! the Pat

Friday, June 09, 2006

One Small Step for Man...

Well, amidst the paper work, fan dusting, carpet cleaning, the entire Lord of the Rings series this week I have been reinspired to an old favorite of mine.

I think we can all remember the first time we saw Windows 95. The fresh computer came out of the box, the trackball on wheels called a mouse was clicking for the first time, and we were met with that Logo we would all love and hate for the rest of our lives (see Above). And as all of us do we turned right to the free games that came with the computer.

1.Mine Sweeper- We had been there and done that with the exciting graphics of Win 3.1

2.Free Cell- with a million different senarios who would ever tire of that game. Well I always made it to number 15 and grow weary. But still a good game.

3.Solitaire- The name alone signifies the dynamic qualities of the game but we all play it and we all love it.

4.Hearts- Enter the name of three friends or enemies to play against you. But always remember that eventually without human contact you will continue to try to "shoot to the moon" just to see if you can trick the impervious logic of the computer (which you can and you will).

But all of this is just a preamble to the real topic at hand today. I have three words for you: Space Cadet 3D Pinball. The happy man in the space ship greets you with a wave. You smile and think the computer loves you. The sound effects of the machine warming up fill you with joy and a sence of great adventure. You locate the letter 'Z' key as the left paddle and the '? or /' key as your right paddle. You press spacebar and the ball jumps into action. As the ball plummels toward the right paddle you get anxious and press the '>' key and send the machine into TILT and lose your first ball. It was a successful trial run that nobody could take away from you.

At this point, if you are anything like me, you hit the "F2" key and hope your family wasn't watching (you have a reputation to keep up). After hours and hours of play you eventually realize that there is a bit of a step by step action to the game involving the launch ramp, various mission and that strange circle of lights in the middle of table. Then finally after a couple more hours of play you realize you are wasting your life playing pinball on your computer and go do your homework or take a walk. But you always return to your 48th love: Space Cadet Pinball.

Its a good game, lots of fun and everyone has it so I suggest a challenge to all of us. Lets post our high scores and compare them. My highest right now is 6,372,000. But I'm shooting for the moon. Secondly what level can you get to in the game. I've only ever advanced to the second level of yellow dots in the middle.Remember honesty is a pretty good policy ( some say 'the best') Anyways get out there and become master Pinballers.

So become intense players, don't work, don't eat and don't sleep... Like this guy:

(Although I'm confident this guy works and eats)

Patmane Le Pate

Thursday, June 08, 2006

"Fest" We Forget

Well its time for another "Pat was watching TV and saw something that only his friends can really understand" moment.
It was a night or two ago and I was watching an episode of Futurama. They had embarked on an adventure to go fishing (that's right quality television). Anyways Bender, the beloved glutton who don't listen to nuttin, accepting the challenge to catch the biggest fish takes a parasol and makes a hook, uses diamond filament line and snags Hermes sandwhich. Hermes yells "Hey that's my Manwhich." For those of you who don't know of the Legendary Manwhich then you don't talk to Brad Longard or Dan Young enough and you should probably start. Then again you should have heard it from me too.

The Adventures in Manwhiches have led us to not one but TWO Manwhich-Fests (Where-in Dr. Penner came to one), The discover of a song that starts "I don't want her you can have her...." And many more good times.

I propose a toast to those who discovered and celebrated the Manwhich over the year. Dan... Brad... this one's for you.

Patman the Pat

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Job?

This one is for the males out there.

I have a job that I can offer to one male here at Camp Norland. You need to have been in university for atleast one year and need to have been accepted for a second year. Its to be a cabin leader in a cabin and you will also be working for a church in the area. (For those of you who know what I did last summer its the same position) It pays well enough for two months (between 2500 and 3000 I believe. And you get room and board for the two months) anyways let me know at rubic_@hotmail.com.

P-at M-an t-he P-at

(Tell everyone and anyone we need the staff)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Legend of Beggar Vance: Adversity 101

I was home this very evening enjoying a movie in the late of the night: "The Legend of Bagger Vance." At one point in the movie, during the first round of golf (It's a golf movie), the main character Randolf Juna is no where near winning the round and is frustrated. His caddy Bagger Vance comes to him at the last tee and says "Do you wanna quit Mr. Juna? No body would mind, you walk of the course today and make everyone elses day easier." Juna looks at him and says "You know I can't do that." Bagger says "I know I just wanted to make sure you know."

I wonder if sometimes God does that to us. Struggles build upon struggles and we need to learn through the adversity of life. These eventually come to a place where we feel as if God is almost asking us to give up. It is at these points that having learned our lessons that we need to turn and say "You know I can't do that." And God seems to say "I know but I just wanted you to know."

Its interesting.

A side note to all this...

I saw this movie in high school with a friend of mind. We used to golf together. I was thinking about that old friend who I don't talk to anymore or even know where he is. Things change I guess. Too bad.

The Pat.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Secret.... No.... Office Life of Patman the Pat

I live at camp

I sit at a desk.

I answer the phone.

I watch CSI at night with a man who is angry at everything.

I watch DVDs.

I play video games.

(That one's for you Dano)

But most of all I sit at a desk.
(Not at a desk in attached picture)