Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blogged Down

Well here I am once again confessing.

Oh great priest that hears my confession I beseech thee to forgive my idle hands, my idle mind, and my idle heart.

Oh sovereign ear be wise in counsel, slow to judge and quick to assist me in my hour of need.

Raise up again the keys of my board.

And cause me to blog again.

Oh great internet receive my earnest offering and allow me to write once again my blog.


Patman the Pat is Back

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Comic Book - the Medium

I am clearly a nerd.

No need to argue about it and no need to be ashamed of it.

But up until last year there was a medium of 'nerdom' that I had never given any serious thought or time to: the comic book.

I was blown away.

Now maybe it was the accumulation of all my other nerdy pass-times that thrust me, as many before me, into the genre but I'd like to think that I came upon comic books unnaturally and found them to be a compelling source of insight into art both written and drawn.

As many of you know I like television and I primarily like it for its story. Comics are no different. (allow me to clarify: I keep on saying comics but I really want to refer to graphic novels which are a collection of comics that encompass a large story)

My love affair with comics starts with Batman and technically ends there (although I have branched out to a few culturally relevant Alan Moore reads). Batman is great. I always liked Batman but then I read Batman and I like him more.

Here's the best thing about it: archetypal themes handle by a person which leads to genuine human emotion, struggle and depth. Or to say it another way amidst the absurd story lies a common theme that I can relate to. It draws out questions on morality, justice and sanity. It brings to light the complex balance of emotion and thought that one, trying to make sense of the world, wants and perhaps needs to explore.

I'm down with it.

I'm a nerd.
I'm a Batman Fan.
I'm down with it.
I'm ok.

Patman the Comic Reader

PS I would never read marvel.