Monday, August 13, 2007


Today was a day of memories...

I was reminded today that many of the people I hang out with here (at camp) are very unlike the people I hang out with in Toronto. Sure a few of them play halo (one is even a member of the desert fathers clan) and of course they all love Jesus but they are just different. I was reminded this when I awoke to the song "burning down the house" by the talking heads (note: this song may be titled bringing down the house... its really hard to hear their lyrics). But as the song played a fire stirred in my heart and I remembered Animals, Cities, and CBGBs. It was fabulous. Of course as I exited my room I ran into one of my friends who also uses a radio who took the time to inform me that the song he had just heard on the radio entitled "burning down the house (or bringing)" was one of the most annoying songs in the world.

I was reminded that people like to vent frustrations at the wrong people.

I was reminded that if I put my ds in my pocket I would most likely eject the game currently in it losing all of my hard work.

And finally I was reminded of Peter Gabriel when he was challenged by David Bowie on the 4 showdown.

It was a musically involved day

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