Sunday, November 23, 2008

This distraction (#5) will surprise you.


Its just that simple. Sure blogging is another form of writing but it is free from the maticulous needs of the schoolarly world like grammar and spelling. Break thusly free into the writing break that is blogging.

Patman the Blogged Down in Paper work...

33 to go... very distracted week.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Easy Distraction 4: Find a Series and Watch it!

This distraction is one of my favorites and forces me into many late nights.

What you do is search through your memory, talk to your friends, or search the internet to see what TV shows have existed and you have yet to watch. Then you choose one that appeals to you and you begin to watch the entire series. This can be done through the magic of DVDs or internet streaming video.

Now this may seem like a lot of work but if you find the right show and the quickest means of watching it you will never work on papers again.

Recently, that is to say over the last month, I have enjoyed watching the entire series of Hell's Kitchen starring Gordon Ramsay (via Youtube). It kept me from work, sleep and general enjoyment of life.

An average TV show will waste about 20 hours a week if you let it. Do let it.

Patman the Pat

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Essay Distraction 3: Travian

It may seem like video games and games are common on this list but that is because I find it most distracting to play a game.

Travian is somewhere between a realtime strategy game and a turn based strategy game. It is free and online. Basically you sign in and you have a city which produces resources which you spend on development of your city and then empire. But everything you do takes time. For instance I was upgrading my academy today and it took 3 hours. Which meant I couldn't do anything else for about three hours.

This game is ideal for distracting you from paper writing because it is a very quick distraction but satifying enough to make you feel like you did something other than writing your paper and it also lasts a really long time so you can think about it, plan and even monitor your game without losing alot of time.

I would give this about a 5-10 minute distraction every hour (depending how you use it).

Patman the Pat

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Essay Distraction 2: Create a holiday

I wouldn't say that I created this holiday. I was an active participant, I was present through all celebrations and I made a fool of myself for it but I love it. Yes folks yesterday was Manwich Fest 2008.

I feel this is a perfectly acceptable way of distracting yourself from paper writing because it feels legitimate but it is clearly not a real holiday.

Here are some elements of Manwich Fest that will give you an example of how to make a holiday.

1) Make sure others celebrate it:
I am under the impression that Dan and Brad celebrated this holiday in Toronto and Halifax respectively.

2) Bring others along:
Both Paul and Danielle joined me for Manwich Fest.

3) Create liturgy:
Brad wrote this poem on the Facebook event last year and I have read it before the dining begins:

Manwich Manwich please unite
Our manly souls for now apart
Bright us together for just one night
And stir the hamburger of our heart

To spring forth in song and dance
As polka occasions the chance
Until again we will all meet
For the occasion of meat.

4) Create rituals:
We dance.

5) Regale people in tales of previous celebrations of your holiday:
Paul asked about Manwich and I told him the stories. It warmed my heart.

6) Have a Facebook event that is public:
Facebook is key to being in community and putting something on facebook makes it real. So make it an event and invite friends. This may confuse people but its ok.

7) Take pictures:
Having pictures allow for credibility.

8) Get food involved:
Everyone likes food. Plus the time it takes to prepare is time well spent.

This event was an easy way of wasting 3-4 hours of paper writing. Try it.

Pat-manwich the Pat

P. S. I have 38 pages left.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A new series...

I recall earlier I was commenting on the different types of blog but I have a new series to introduce (which means I will either return to other series periodically or never again).

The new series is "Things to do while writing papers or rather not writing papers."

This series will focus on the thing that I find to do while trying to avoid or take a much needed (debatable) break from papers.

Today's entry: Battle for Wesnoth.

This game was discovered by Chris Clements last year during the paper writing season. It was an instant hit amongst the paper writing scene. It is a turn based strategy game that you can download for free because it is open source.

Above: An image of gameply

It has multiplayer functions and some wicked campaigns. Since I was writing papers last night (and now) I brought it back from its un-used status, updated it and I'm deeply entrenched in a campaign called: "The Rise of Wesnoth" isn't this exciting! Some people may look at this game and wonder if the graphics are just terrible and to some extent it is true. However, the style of the game lends to this sort of late 90s feel and what it may lose in graphics it makes up in gameplay. Its fun and easy and great.

Anyways if you are looking for something to do beside writing papers I recommend Battle for Wesnoth.

Friday, November 14, 2008

And the weeks went by...

So here I am November 14th. I sorta missed bloging daily for a bit in there... but I had an excuse I was spiritually retreating and vision casting for Camp Norland. More on that later.

I noticed this week that it was November, well half way through November. I also realised that I had6 papers left to write, which seemed like an excessive amount, and I imagine it is because 3 out of the 6 are for one course and really what kind of course has 3 papers due between the 20th of November and 10th of December.

However, I am not here to complain... I am here to avoiding working on said papers. It turns out I have no drive to do them. This poses many problems the worst of which is failing in light of doing no work (for that reason I will avoid that end result).

So now starts my official countdown pages to go til finished writing: 51

51! wow for six papers that seems low. Nevermind it'll be easy.

Monday, November 03, 2008

I bought a nice camera

In the summer I bought a nice camera... but after the summer I rarely have time to use it. So I am going to try to take pictures and go DDOI on us all... every so often anyways.

For today I present: Quarters at angles.
Inspired by: quarters on my dresser, boredom

Patman the Photographic