Monday, February 23, 2009


Occasionally I catch onto things before the people around me do. Often I hear the word from one friend and just relay the message to others taking the glorious credit for being a 'hipster' as they say.

In this case I caught wind of something I think look phenomenal without the aid of those aware of the cultural tidal wave.

The movie is called "9" and it is based on a short made by Shane Acker. It looks like a pretty good fantasy and contains one of my favorite story settings: Post-Apocalyptic. It follows the story of these rag doll type beings that are trying to live in this post-apocalyptic world.

Anyways I like the trailer and here is hoping.

Patman the 9th

Oh! It also has Tim Burton as the producer so... yeh.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

An internet fad is born...

I stole it. I changed it. It started here today:

15 Thing- Untrue Edition

The way this works is that you write 15 things about yourself that are completely and utterly a lie... perhaps they are close to the truth perhaps they are far from it. Either way you write 15 made up facts about yourself and then tag 25 people who matter to you or don't it doesn't matter... tag them then they have to come up with 15 lies about themselves and then tag 25 of their own people.

This will create an internet fad.

1. I have had a nose job.
2. I am a really big fan of the original 25 things note game
3. I have already gained significant fame in the realm of Underwater Synchronized swimming
4. I am often called "Squishy" by those closest to me...
5. There is a place in my room that I call heaven and it is not located where you think
6. I attend a school that is located entirely below ground
7. I am not a Canadian Citizen but rather come from a nation not known by western civilization
8. I consistently fail at being awesome
9. Lies are harder to come up with then I thought
10. I am famous on the internet
11. I firmly believe that if purple was a flavor it would likely be raisin not grape
12. I voted for Barak Obama
13. I have often longed to live in the year 2050 (someday!!!)
14. Facebook is my life
15. I sincerely desire this to become an internet fad.

(Note this is the inaugural run of "15 things - untrue edition" help me start a fad!)

Please take this... use it on facebook... send it out to all the people who do these things and lets piggy back on the popularity of other fads and see where this goes.

Patman the liar

Saturday, February 14, 2009

In honor of St. Valentine

Today I played a game of age.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

To Err is Human... Ug

Right now I am trying to will my will in the world or at least over a situation here and there. This clearly puts me in a place of great peace, joy and humility. Wait. Scratch that and reverse it. This clearly puts me in a place of great un-peace, un-joy and un-humility.

Apparently my heart (known for its uncanny ability to strive for its own benefit) is not focused very outward, is not too concerned with reality and sorry to say it is not looking to Christ. Its bad news.

In my head I am convinced that I am focusing on the wrong things, looking to the wrong places for answer and walking a dangerous line. But I also seem to great such great pleasure out of following my heart on this one. It feels good.

Needless to say I am finding myself far too human these days...

May Christ come...
Patman the Human

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I failed a course the other day.

This actually happened.

I went to get my transcript the other day, most particularly because I was trying to figure out how long I was still to be in school, I got both my University transcript and I got my Seminary transcript. And there it was... an F.

It is true that from time to time I am a lazy student. I often slack off, work less then I should, read just enough to pass and disregard proper sleep patterns rather then work consistently all semester. But I don't fail. And this one took me for a surprise because out of all my courses this was the one I never wanted to have to do again: Spiritual Formation. (I would like to add that I am a big believer in spiritual formation but for a class in my Mdiv it had more work, reading and daily assignments than can be healthily done by a slacker student... and I would probably argue a normal student) That being said to achieve in the course I needed to work hard and get things in which I was confident I did.

To make a long story of worry and fear short I will say that it was an error. Somewhere one of my papers had gotten lost or not marked and never counted toward my grade. I was able to hand in a new copy and pulled off a C+. Not a great grade but I didn't fail.

Patman the Reasonably Successful

Friday, February 06, 2009

I'm allowed one...

Today, as are many, I am proud of my once University.

Look here

Oh and I went to Tyndale.

Patman the Tyndalien

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

35 Days!

As you may or may not recall I was fortunate enough to meet some cool Irish people at camp this summer. Very funny and very cool, we obviously hit it off right away. And to that end in 35 days I am going to Ireland.

This has been in the works since about July 5th, 2008 and all plans are coming to fruition. Honestly I keep expecting something to go wrong or for my Irish friends to message me and call the whole thing off... but that's only because it all seems too good to be true.

Either way I am very excited and not just because I get to visit another country, and not just because that country is Ireland and although a huge selling point its not just because I get to see Norm and Wendy again. It's the fact that I have planned nothing. I am off to a foreign country without my own itinerary. It's a mystery because Norm and Wendy have been given free reign to show me whatever they want and to take us where ever their hearts desire.

Its a grand adventure but I truly trust these friends. And for all I care we can hang out in the middle of nowhere and it would be a great trip because I get to see my dear friends.

Let me conclude by saying that I am excited. Surprise!

The Irish
(I realise that I am very Scottish in this picture but I'm sure you understand)

Patman the Irish

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Back to the Future

One of my favourite movies.

Also as a statement it also a very impressive insight to my life.

I really like my day to day life. Sure, if described to others it comes across boring, repetitious and maybe even pointless but it is the subtleties of my day that keep me enraptured. But I have to admit the future often scares me. There are always extra questions...

Why am I really in school?
What am I going to do after school?
What about this whole OSAP thing... do I really have to pay that back?
It's how much?!?

It is worrisome. I like my day to day life but I always come back to the future and wonder.

I was fortunate to get some news over the last little while that gives me a rare opportunity to truly live in the moment. Try it out... its pretty nice.

Perhaps someday I'll go back to the future and wonder but I think that's a little too forward of thinking for me today.