Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm not a liberal, phew!

I went to a lecture today. It was for the frosh class but still useful and insightful to the common student. The lecture was about getting the most out of your education and the integration of faith and learning (how very Tyndale) but all that goes too far too fast. Let me explain where I'm going...

Will and I have made it a habit, a bad one, of staying up late to write papers or rather intending to write papers. The problem is that often at about 1:30 or 2 I go to say hello, make a witty remark or two and allow Will the same. That usually ends around 4. Thus we get no work done and are far more tired than intended.

In one of our last conversations we realized that we were most likely closer to liberals (of the theological nature) then that of fundamentalists. This means that we were close to end of the spectrum than either of us really wanted.

But today, thankfully, I learned I wasn't a liberal but there was another option.

To sum up Craig Carter's lecture I'll say this:

He presented four different view of integration (integration: taking the fountain of knowledge we have and doing something with it in our faith)

The first view: Fundamentalist- takes the bible at face value. One requires and uses no external information to interpret the bible. This, according to Carter, allows for no use of hermeneutical practices. (I will note that I think this can be done but only in significantly limiting ways and by ignoring all external sources because once you learn something it then becomes a matter of integration)

The second view:Liberalism- In light of Modern thought one must reanalyze the Bible for its value. Since the people at the time were limited, unsophisticated and unlearned (compared to us now) their worldview was dramatically skewed. This means that certain things in the bible must be taken to mean very different things then what actually happens in the world. This perspective serves to force the bible into Modern thought and compromises the bible in favor of modern thought.

The third view: Evangelicalism- In light of modern thought and biblical thought we must co-exist. Learning to compromise or even ignore our ideological differences and just try to find the common ground. This view seems to compromise both biblical views and modern views homogenizing them into a watered down synthesis of both. (much of the church has through cultural upbringing, media influence and poor teaching of critical analysis has this perspective sometimes without knowing it is the case)

The fourth view: Postmodern Orthodoxy- In light of Biblical thought one must reinterpret Modern thought for its value. We must take the biblical narrative as true and use modern viewpoints and understanding only where it brings revelation to the already existing foundation and reject it where it comes into direct conflict with biblical ideology. For example: Modern thought says that as humanity we can strive to overcome our destructive nature (e.g. war and poverty) through means of social reconstructions and unified efforts for good. Biblical thought says that God's purposes are working in the world and its only through divine intervention (seen in Christ) that we will overcome evil for good and end our destructive nature. Thus we must abandon the modern hopes for the reality of the bible.

This is a summary of the end of Carter's lecture which I thought was great.

I would like to then go on record as a Postmodern Orthodoxist.

Patman the Postmodern Orthodoxian Pat.

(it seems the phrase Postmodern Orthodoxy has no current way of describing its followers. i.e one who is liberal is a liberal. One who is from Britain is British. One who understands them self to align with postmodern orthodoxy is?)

I would also recommend Craig Crater's blog located to the left and feel free to pick up his books advertised therein.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I think I am personally going to destroy the environment

Its not my fault but I have to many pages to print of far too useless facts and words. Its paper time!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Recently I have been watching 24 season 4 with the guys at my house.

Talk about intense. We have two episodes left and I'm dieing to find out what sort of things will happen. Which I guess has brought me to a good topic of discussion: my love of TV.

I think my love of television comes from the love of story. I find it a very introspective experience where I can watch people interact, get involved with their lives and maybe even feel along with them. I think it may be an important skill to be able to empathize with others as their lives unfold. Of course I'm just trying to justify.

Patman the Pat

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A little note on evangelism...

Now I am not an expert in the above field. I have told people about Jesus and I have not told people about Jesus. The question I want to think about for the moment is: how do we tell people about Jesus? or What is important when we tell people about Jesus?

Recently this topic has been coming up in the form of brand new students at Tyndale. I had the pleasure of experiencing the passionate discussion between two members of my small group on the subject and of course that got me thinking.

On the one side the argument went something like this... people are going to hell, we need to tell them, otherwise they won't know. So give them the blunt truth as quick as possible and let them decide.

On the other side... people are not responsive to a message of hell and damnation and should rather be shown the results of a faith through good works, and love.

Arguably both are methods that can produce results in someones life and are very relative to the situation.

But the more I thought about the issue the more I was worried about our first method. Are we supposed to scare people into faith? Break them apart so that they are left destitute? Does the gospel really just mean some kind of heaven and hell duality?

A message of healing seems more reasonable to me. A message of hope. A message of love. A message that speaks to a persons greatest desires not their own survival instincts. Look at the bible someday and see just how much life, love and hope are used compared to hell. Maybe this would do.

Patman the Pat

*on a side note... no one really believes that a million dollar bill is real

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Heaven is going to be a busy place...

Excluding my own personal beliefs about heaven and all that end of the world stuff, I noticed something today that I think is funny.

It seems common in the discussion of 'heaven and what one will do there' people express the desire to hang out with the biblical greats.

for example:

fish with Peter
Dance with David (theoretically naked... o dear)
wrestle with Jacob
and just spend time with these people

It comes out in the personal statements people make about their heaven...

But lets think about it...

Under this thought process David would be pretty busy. Taking into account his personal family, his contemporaries and every person who read the bible since then... That makes his dance card pretty full. It means David will probably be dancing for most of eternity...

I don't know about you but that sounds crazy.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007


While a reference to 493's game of the year, age also refers to the length of time which you have lived on the earth. Currently it also titles a funny story.

I went to the new pornographers concert on sunday and of course I was carded and asked my age. I brilliantly responded 22 and was abruptly let into the show. YES!

But had it been two days earlier I would have had a bit of a challenge. You see I was talking to a new friend of mine online and they asked me my age. I brilliantly responded 21. As shocking as it was I failed to remember my age. It was also quite embarassing to have to explain exactly how I was born in April 1985 which means I'm 22.

So the moral of the story is 'Pat is an idiot' but in a good way.

Patman the idiot.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The New Pornographers.

I figured in this instance a clever name would be slightly confusing. Frankly just having the word "pornographers" in my title is intrigue enough to those who have no clue to what I am refering.

Let me explain...

The New Pornographers are a band. As far as I know their name has no real meaning just sounds cool. They play some form of 'Rock' but since I rarely move beyond that in musical genres we'll keep it simple with "rock." And frankly they really do rock!

Last night I went to their concert at "The Phoenix" downtown Toronto. It was great. I have been following the band for a little less than a year and I am quite familiar with their songs so I was able to dig the vibe of the hip atmosphere.

Shout out to Chris Clements and Nyssa Dhilon for letting me come along with them.

Check out the group. They are pretty good.
So says Patman the Pat

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I have the Keys

So I bought a keyboard.

(at this point my mother gets really angry)

But it was cheap.

(she's still angry but understands)

Under $50...

We can thank kipling church.

Monday, October 01, 2007

You think you had a good weekend....

well I slept on a boat.

Thats right. Dan got married this weekend. But more importantly I slept on a boat.

"Just for fun" was its name. (It could very well be 'just 4 fun' which could be more fun but I didn't bother asking semantics) Yes I became captain of this boat for a brief moment between the hours of 9:00pm and 9:00 am. I had a proud first mate Disco Stu. It was great.

Slept well too.

Congratulations Dan... but more importantly congratulations me...

Captain Patman the Pat

(Model of boat I made in my spare time)

Monday, September 24, 2007

I need stuff to happen...

I don't do anything...
I waste my time playing video games...
I'm bored but would rather not do anything about it...

Is this odd?

I'm going to look for a job at Tyndale while I'm there tomorrow. I think.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Banjo.

Currently, I have taken to playing the banjo everyday. This has been great fun for at least me, if not the people in my house. I specifically like playing songs that aren't necessarily for the banjo.

At this moment the songs I am playing on the banjo are:
Free- Phish
Billy Breathes- Phish
From Blown Speakers- New Pornographers
Before the Throne of God above- Hymn Writer
What a Friend I've found
Rainbow Connection- Kermit the frog (not really but sounds cooler)

Patman the Pat

(oh and new season new look, title is from the song billy breathes)

Monday, August 13, 2007


Today was a day of memories...

I was reminded today that many of the people I hang out with here (at camp) are very unlike the people I hang out with in Toronto. Sure a few of them play halo (one is even a member of the desert fathers clan) and of course they all love Jesus but they are just different. I was reminded this when I awoke to the song "burning down the house" by the talking heads (note: this song may be titled bringing down the house... its really hard to hear their lyrics). But as the song played a fire stirred in my heart and I remembered Animals, Cities, and CBGBs. It was fabulous. Of course as I exited my room I ran into one of my friends who also uses a radio who took the time to inform me that the song he had just heard on the radio entitled "burning down the house (or bringing)" was one of the most annoying songs in the world.

I was reminded that people like to vent frustrations at the wrong people.

I was reminded that if I put my ds in my pocket I would most likely eject the game currently in it losing all of my hard work.

And finally I was reminded of Peter Gabriel when he was challenged by David Bowie on the 4 showdown.

It was a musically involved day

p the p

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I wish

I wish I could have gone sewer splunking.

Not really but man...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Top Ten Things Great - and Terrible About Camp so Far

Great Things

10. I don't have to write any papers
9. I am doing practical things with my faith
8. I have developed a slight passion for Pokemon
7. I eat healthy and interact with a normal schedule
6. I do recieve some form of monetary supliment for my work
5. Good friends
4. Good times
3. Occasional Days off
2. the chicks lol
1. I like camp

Terrible things

10. I get really tired
9. All my toronto friends are not here
8. I sometimes have little to do
7. I often have too much to do
6. I developed a slight passion for pokemon
5. I get tired
4. Too many needy people
3. It is hard to do work in this style
2. Kids/Teenagers can be very annoying
1. It rains quite often

Pman the Pat

Saturday, June 30, 2007

And then there was nine

Week one at camp with staff is over.

Staff training done. Officially trained. I'm tried. A little sick. Big fan of tetris for the DS.

Next week is VBS. (volley ball school... I think). reguardless. This is a post.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

N.W.O. ( and for those of you who didn't watch wrestling in the 90s: New World Order)

As a student I look forward to the downtime outside of the classroom. Generally one spends this time playing the video games they missed, watching the DVDs they didn't give priority to and basically achieving the ever consistant way of life that distracts from their studies. But aparently I gave up on that...

You see out at camp, here in my fortress of solitude (I mean really it has like 20 rooms), I have spent much time trying to define in biblical, socialogical, and general life terms what I do believe on things. As part of the nature of studying you catch alot of ideas but rarely play them out in your head, if not in your life.

Thus the experience of education has been moving me and shaping me in ways I can see but may not have fully thought through. This has left me with much to think about and frankly I'm confident I won't ever stop thinking about these things (since I understand part of the human nature is to be flawed and so my human logic, thoughts and ideas, although consistantly bearing truth (I hope) also bears flaws) With this breif post post I now can digress to my most recent thought process... which is focused on Eschatology (words of the end).

I have often questioned "Am I going to heaven when I die?" And most of the church has been shaped by this question. But I'm rethinking my answer (note by this I don't mean I am going to hell I just have a different way of looking at this thing we call salvation). Let's see why...

I have seen and heard and even watched dramatic breakdowns of what will happen in the end. And we've all seen Kirk Cameron stuck in the book of revelation-ish and battling for his life. But today I just don't buy it.

Christianity has set-up a frame work of the end. In the most basic terms (that even exclude the notion of Rapture cause thats a whole other issue) we find a basic outline of the end as: Jesus died on the cross, is coming back, at the point which He comes back He is going to take me, as a christian, and all the other christians to heaven. Heaven then, depending on what you think, is us sitting on clouds, playing harps or joining a big choir, or just being in an eternal eternity however that would all play out. Which satisfies much of our personal needs and even to some extents makes a logical breakdown. But I think this breakdown breaksdown because here I am left with one question: what about earth?

From one angle, I guess, the earth goes down in flames with those going down in flames. From others, they can happily ignore the world and figure that 'Well I'm heaven... who knows and who cares?' but does this really make sense if we look at the bible.

The notion that the earth is to be destroyed and lost seems to contradict with the declaration of God in Genesis that creation is good (in fact very good). And revelations at the end seems to note that God's throne will exist on new earth. And even the prayer of Jesus, taught to us so that we can learn to pray, says explicitly... "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven" And so to abandon the world and say that it is evil, lost or beyond saving is to lose a very important part of the biblical story.

From this notion, unless I'm off the deep end, we need some serious reclaimation of the story of God's world, God's plan. and God's justice.

But I guess that's for tommorrow.

(On a side note, if you actually made it this far into this rather lengthy post and are a long term reader of this blog... I would like to note that I have officially beaten my highscore in Space Cadet pinball. It was 6 million or so and is now 9,450,000 odd some. Thank you)

Patman the Theologically inclined and spaceman

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Halo 3 Beta

I never expected to play it... but talk about fun.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Its happening all around us... but no one makes a sound.

Thousands abandoned... left without care.

We have a new terror sweeping the land. Across the internet and around the world people everywhere are abandoning what they started. In 2006 the exciting and interconnected "Facebook" arrived on the scene. At first it was a wonderment... People were happy, excited, reconnecting with old friends, and inter-connecting with current friends. It was a happy time for the internet... or was it?

Behind the scenes of this modern craze there was a dark alley of abandonment. You see all over the internet people are giving up on their traditional blogs and opting for a 'note' based system of posting. But what about the blogs? What about the pointless stories you once wrote for all the internet to see? What about the photographs and epitaphs you churned out on a semi-almost-sort-of daily to weekly basis? What about the hours you already wasted, invested in this faction of internet culture? What are you going to do?

With the abandonment of blogs everywhere there is more need in the internet today for people like you to step up and support traditional blogs. But this is more than a call to donate money (send all donations to but you can do more (although donations would be great: If money isn't available you can:

1) talk to a friend who has abandoned their blogs (maybe even write on their wall)

2) start support groups in your community to raise blog awareness

3) think about adopting a blog that is already out there

Blogs matter.

(This has been a paid advertisement by the "Pat Needs a Life Foundation" if you would like to be involved in the PNLF please send all donations to

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


So I had a fun conversation this evening. I was talking to a man and I was telling him about my current perspective on law, from my course on Law and Religion. And he got really excited and told me it was my calling.

I just didn't have the heart to tell him how much I really didn't like the course.

Patman the Pat

Friday, May 18, 2007

Where have all the bloggers gone?

Look I have three things going against me... 1- I'm alone, manageable. 2- I have an ample supply of time on my hands. 3- I have dial up Internet.

With that in mind I am attempting to read my friends blogs (listed to the left) and find exciting new updates. As of recently I have found no new updates (except Fulford's blog) and its making me right cheesed.

Friends I'm calling you out. Pick up your electronic pen (the keyboard) and say something.
(if you are reading this and I don't know your blog and you are frankly up set that I would write such grandiose claims let me know what your blog is... although technically I may already read it if it is listed on someone else's blog... I'm just too lazy to update that list)

Patman the Pat

Monday, May 14, 2007


is the loneliest number that you'll ever know... it is aparently many other things as well.

Today marks day one of my official 'solitude' at camp. This pretty much means I live on the camp property alone. This is an interesting development in all that is Pat, since I generally do enjoy the company of a select few individuals and prefer some form of social interaction. This being the case I am intrigued by the prospect of being alone.

Tanya K., as all those former RAs would know, would say that it is good to spend time in the quiet and in solitude (but I think she stole that from a book or two) Some movies mark that those who spend extended time alone go crazy. As for me... I'm hoping to land somewhere in the middle... a cross between the desert fathers and Gollum.



Develop a strong spiritual life by communing solely with the Father while at the same time developing a strong inner life by communing with myselfs.

With that being said we would like to bid you farewell...

Patmen the Pats

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I have recently begun working at camp and to actually work at camp you occasionally have to fill out the proper forms (you know like apply for the job). Needless to say I had to write a page on how to lead a child to the Lord and since all of you need to take from my vast knowledge I decided to post it here.... shall we?

To Save a Child

This is an instructional page on how to lead a child to a saving knowledge in Jesus Christ. Before you attempt to bring a child to the Lord remember safety first. In all occasions where you attempt to work something for the Glory of the Lord remember to pray. This is not only a great way to keep you in contact with the Lord but also remember it is not you that saves the child but the Holy Spirit who works in both you and the child. Invite Him and draw on His strength first.
It is best when bringing someone to the Lord that you know them and they are comfortable with you. Most children respond well when they are with someone they know. Also perceive the situation: A child playing baseball or is very preoccupied with a craft may not want or have the attention to follow what you are saying or take it seriously. But a child that is, let’s say crying on Vesper Rock because of what the speaker said, this child may want to talk about life and love and maybe even Jesus.
Understand of course that you can never force Jesus upon someone but look for opportunity in conversation when it arises. For instance if a child says “Boy that sunset is so beautiful” One could respond “That’s one of God’s gifts to us: the beauty of creation” Therein turning the conversation to the fact that God loves us. But if a child says something like “Boy I really love candy” A comment like “That’s one of God’s gifts to us: Candy!” may not be quite right. But it is clear that at anytime and in anyplace you can speak about Jesus.
It is important that a child has some understanding of what they are doing and what you are talking about. A child that think Jesus shot fire from His eyes and therefore thinks he is cool might accept him as their savior on these terms alone. So talk to the child and fill them in on the truth about Jesus.
Often you will find that fear is an excellent tool to manipulate a child into ‘loving’ Jesus. But that sometimes draws the question of what that ‘love’ really means. Ultimately a child who accepts Christ out of fear isn’t that bad off considering we do have much to fear but make sure the child also gets the “Do not fear” aspects of God (i.e. love, relationship, fatherhood).
When it comes right down to it is difficult to pin-down exactly how to lead a child to the Lord but if you give them the understanding that they are sinners, that God loves them, that Christ died and rose for the sake of all of our sins and that they need a life devoted to Christ, then the child can do with it what they will. You can aid them by helping them pray and teaching them verses and even just laying out the choice. But just let them know and they’ll decide. They are after all just little people ready to make decisions in the real world.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fact! I got a cool gift for my birthday...

Well corporate sellout I may be but I got a a Dwight K. Shrute bobble head. I think it will eventually sit nicely beside the Homer Simpson bobble head down at 493.

P the P

Monday, April 23, 2007

Ask me no questions...

Patman here... moments before my first exam. I have been chillin' all week therefore I have not probably studied enough. Although at the moment you could name a chapter in Genesis and I could probably give you a good idea what is going on there but ask me in a month and I'd be hard pressed to get it... probably cause I only really need the information for another 3 hours at the most.

This has been Patman the Pat trying to waste time before his exam. Tune in next time to hear Patrick say... Plato: The original Knight of the Old Republic.

Monday, April 16, 2007

We'll have bizarre celebrations... 2

well the season of pat has now reached its climax on today... my birthday.

I even got a gift from the Xbox... new Halo 2 maps... of course I have to pay for them but its the thought that counts

P the P 22

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We'll have Bizarre Celebrations...

I read a lot this semester. It was mainly because of this class I had, Issues in the New Testament. The course breakdown was pretty much: read books and talk about them. It was a great course. It was taught by my favorite professor, Dr. Erwin Penner. Today was the last day of class. I, along with Dan and Brad, had to do a presentation on the last book. But once that was done we could celebrate, Manwhich style.

Good times.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Choose my own adventure

Pat is on the verge of completing his education at Tyndale University.

What should he do?

1) continue to seminary with focus on youth and family

2) leave it all behind for the film industry education (based on current joy from Tyndale the musical venues...) so a career in Christian film and such...

3) find an overly complicated way to merge them both

If you select option 1 turn to page 324, option 2 turn to page 23, option 3 turn to page 520

Friday, April 06, 2007


The war at home has taken a whole new meaning this week. Since Thursday there has been fight after fight. It has taken its toll on us all. I never knew that in a house so built on community there could be such a struggle. Paul even had to be evacuated. Its crazy. All I'm saying is Age of Empires is back.

Thats right, we intend to end the semester right where we started: playing our beloved Age.

from 1997 to now this game has given entertainment to the most bored college student, the lonely high school student and once again to us here at 493.

Age of Empires 2 we salute you

tap eht namtap

Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Makes Fools of us all...

Now I would expect friends to prank me... enemies to prank me... even strangers on occasion might just prank me. But I think I have been pranked by technology.

Today as I went about my business (playing video games and whatever) I noticed two things. First that the house smelled of pancakes and second, that the VCR said that it was 3:00pm. This made some semblance of sense but as I peered over my shoulder the wall clock said 2:00pm. I figured the wall clock was wrong because it had led me astray once before. I carried on with my day and at 4:00pm (VCR time) I went grocery shopping (hoping to be back so that I could prepare dinner for around 4:00pm (Wall Clock Time).

As I returned from shopping and began to put away my food I noticed two things wrong in the kitchen. First, as a diversion from the actual story, I notice the front element of the oven was still on (for what I assumed was about 2 hours) and on that element was in fact a pancake which had lost all fluids and was rock hard. As I turned off the element (avoiding potential fires) I notice the clock was in line with the Wall Clock which read 4:00pm. Inevitably I turned on the TV, because the TV clock is never wrong, and found out that it was actually 4:00pm and that the Wall Clock, and Oven Clock were correct. So I fixed the VCR clock and carried about my business (Watching internet TV and whatever).

This was of course the end of the slightly confusing events or so I thought. Down in my room later my computer clock decided to be in contention with my alarm clock: again one hour different. Now at this point I didn't know what to do. The TV was upstairs thus I couldn't approach it for wisdom and there were no clocks around to save the day. And for that I reason I messaged my good friend Dan "What time is it?" Low and behold I found out the important facts. It was the computer that was wrong. And Dan, being the intelligent and knowledgeable person that he is, had a theory to why technology was making me an April Fool.

To Dan it wasn't technology but Y2K (no Dan isn't a crazy nut believing that it has finally happened) like symptoms. It seems with the change of Daylight Savings some technology is not compliant and so today, what would be Daylight Savings a year or two ago, my computer and VCR caught the bug.

In conclusion the technology pranked me but the Government was responsible.

Patman the Pat

(Note as well today marks the halfway point in the lenten-like month of Pat. Keep on celebrating)

Friday, March 30, 2007

I am...

I am a happy man

Thursday, March 29, 2007


I remember on the RA retreats that we took. In my first year we had to go through all of these questions with everyone. Each of these questions was designed to divulge a little bit about that person. And to be honest I don't remember anyone's answers but mine. And even then I only really remember one or two questions.

the first was something to do with who you want people to think you are... or who you want to be ... and I said something about living trans-something or other... I don't really remember apparently.

But the second question I remember is "what are your dreams?"

And I had two answers:

First, to build my own acoustic guitar. Still a dream and very little headway has been made in that category. (although Sarah Thompson (then Sampson) bought me a do-it-yourself build your own guitar book. It was neat)

Second, to write and produce my own musical. And three years later, tomorrow... it happens.

Its good to dream and to make that dream happen.

Patman the Pat

(Now I'm just banking on the 'if you build it... they will come..." slogan)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wisdom from Pat

When you stay up late you are going to be tired.

P the P

Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's Day

I always become surprised on this day when I see people out sloshed, drinking their hearts out and partying. It just doesn't seem appropriate. I mean frankly to celebrate there should be at least double the drunkenness and triple the good times. Ok well maybe no drunkenness.

But today is my day. St. Patrick. It feels good to know that before I was born people took into consideration that I would be awesome and therefore made a day all about me. They even Sainted me.

My three miracles:

1) Good looks
2) Brains
3) Good looks

Anyways St. Patrick's Day marks the beginning of the 31 days in preparation for my Birthday. During these days people are supposed to talk about me, elevate my status above normal status and frankly just love me. People often forget this part of the Pat Calender but I forgive them on account of ignorance.

I also would like to note April fool's Day. It marks the half way point in this celebration and is also in honor of me. It highlights my keen sense of humor for all to laugh together.

So in conclusion let me remind you tonight when you celebrate remember me.

St. Patman the Pat

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Musical update 2.

Exciting times. One completely recorded musical... excluding the live stuff.

Filming Starts tomorrow.

I have most of my work done.

This is great.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I would call that a bad idea...

It seems that recently I have been doing things that I would call a bad idea...

Leave your work to the last miniute... I would say thats a bad idea.

Play Sim City 4... Good idea.

Don't fall asleep til five in the morning... I would say thats a bad idea.

Halo 2... Good idea.

Don't sleep the night after not sleeping til five... I would say thats a bad idea.

Practice Banjo... Good idea.

Catch some sleep in the afternoon... I would say thats a bad idea.

Plan youth camp... Good idea.

Don't sleep the next night either... I would say thats a bad idea.

Take a nap at 3... Good idea.

Don't wake up til 2... I would say thats a bad idea.

Make lots of jokes during your presentation... it could go either way.

But... Get all your work done... Good idea.

I won't tell you which of these are true but you can bet that they all are.

Pat+ Man+ Pat= Patman the Pat

Saturday, March 10, 2007

On the Talking Heads

Before I begin some of you may note that the title of my blog is in the nature of Christopher Clement's blog titling style. I have done this for a very specific reason. That being that I am about to post on a band and that is something very much in the style of one C. Clements.

The Talking Heads are a band.
Sample: They write music

They are unique in style.
Sample: *error* sample not found

They like to title song using single nouns
Sample: Heaven, Animals, Air

They have funny lyrics on strange topics.
" I know the animals...Are laughing at us
They don't even know...What a joke is
I won't follow...Animal's advice
I don't care...If they're laughing at us. "

" They say they don't need money
They're living on nuts and berries
They say animals don't worry
You know animals are hairy?
They think they know what's best
They're making a fool of us"
(excerpts from Animals)

" This ain't no party, this ain't no disco,
this ain't no fooling around
This ain't no mudd club, or C. B. G. B.,
I ain't got time for that now"
(from Life During Wartime)

I am basing all this on a single album but it must be true of the rest.
To conclude, I like the talking heads.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Reading List- winter 2007

Although the semester is half over I still have had to read books and am going to read more and so let's have a guided tour through the books that will shape Patman the Pat this semester.

Light of Truth and Fire of Love: A Theology of the Holy Spirit
by Gray Badcock

This book, for my themes in theology: Holy Spirit course, takes you through a whurlwind adventure seeking out theologian's views on the Holy Spirit. I have read some of it. It is ok.
Total Pages: 273

Encountering the Book of Genesis
By Bill T. Arnold

This is a basic commentary on Genesis. It is very easy to read and I often fail to do so while still managing not to fail the test on the book. But its required so I'm getting there.
Total Pages: 205

The republic of Plato
By: Plato

Its the philosopher's big book o' justice. What is Justice? well it is aparently reading a big book o' Justice. Together we discuss the book making us our my own personal Justice League.
Total Pages: 303

And finally the Penner Books:
Jesus and the Victory of God
By N. T. Wright

Wright writes his outline of interpretting Jesus historically. Fascinating and intriguing I will not make fun of this book. lol
Total Pages: 662 (which if you note is just under the amount of reading required for my other three courses)

Paul: In Fresh Perspective
By N.T. Wright

Fresh Perspective on Paul. Fun for the scholarly family. Short and sweet.
Total Pages: 195

The Moral Vision of the New Testament: A Contemporary Introduction to New Testament Ethics
By: Richard Hays

A intriguing breakdown of the entire New Testament canon in attempts to find congruency.
Total Pages:460

Slaves, Women and Homosexuals: Exploring the Hermeneutics of Cultural Analysis
By William J. Webb

With a contriversial title, this book has to be good.
Total Pages: 278

Honor, Patronage, Kinship and Purity: Unlocking New Testament Culture
By: David A. deSilva

Dan, Brad and myself get to do a presentation on this book. It is a quicker read with a very interesting premise. So far I understand Honor and Patronage and I'm holding my breath for Kinship and Purity.
Total Pages: 336
These bring together the total amount of educational reading I have to do this semester. The grand total of pages to read... 2712 most likely more then I read in all of educational career because frankly I never really tried to do it. Currently I am through about 1404 which means I am truly beyond the half way point. Great...
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Friday, March 02, 2007


To a certain extent last weekend I thought for sure life had given me lemons. I'll admit I thought I was never going to make it. Educational walls were closing in, social experiments and musicals brushing hard against the clock. I thought for sure life had given me lemons.

But as I struggled to make lemonade I slowly started to find that the lemons were in fact yellow rocks... which meant gold.

But maybe I"m getting ahead of myself. Let me begin by saying I do not typically complain about life in an open forum like this (in fact you will see this is a story of redemption not death)

But I digress... As I came home from reading week on Saturday 24th there was a dreaded week soon to come. This week from March 12-16th was going to ruin my life. Let me break it down:

12th- 18 Page Genesis paper
13th- 10 Holy Spirit Paper
14th- 500 page book to read
16th- Musical- which to say the least is a vast project

With these dates in mind I had planned a horrendous schedule that ate up all of my time and efforts. This of course is very out of character because I hate schedules. But I had done it.

(Note: actual schedule below... Tuesday is great)

But as Monday rolled around there were rumors from my dear friends at student's council that the musical would be pushed to the 15th of March. Which put it at an even more inconvenient time for both me and the various 'viewers' of it. This meant I needed to talk with the old council to work things out. I approached with a hearty "That date does not work" and got an equally hearty "Ok I'll look into it" This meeting left me with mixed feelings of hope and un-hope.

But a glimmer of light shone from the class that I had just somehow missed the last half of... Yes it seems that one Genesis paper had been delayed from the 12th to the 19th. This of course is the student's favorite thing known to many as: an extension. I was in a euphoric state. Questions began percolating: Can I actually accomplish this? Is this some kind of Trick devised by the Professor? Is it time for lunch? This was truly a blessed occasion.
But this move only meant a slight beacon of joy the new schedule was only slightly better...
lets look:
13th- 10 Holy Spirit Paper
14th- 500 page book to read
15th or 16th- Musical- which to say the least is a vast project
19th- 18 Page Genesis paper

Truly this was manageable...

But it gets better. Tuesday passed with little change and was just a typical Tuesday... that was until late Tuesday night. As I sat reading one of the many 'Dr. Penner Books" the phone rang. I assumed as usual it was for someone else but to my surprise it was Danielle Jupp, which to those of you who are not Tyndaliens, is our VP of Student Council. She had found me a new date for my musical. It was not to be the 16th... it was not to be the 15th... it was not to be not to be... but it was to be the 30th of March. A much better date.

And so I was filled with joy. Not just cause it was two weeks more or that it was not a Thursday night. It was something of joy because March 30th is Spring Banquet. My musical is to be performed at the very venue that I initially proposed it for.

My new schedule is:

13th- 10 Holy Spirit Paper
14th- 500 page book to read
19th- 18 page Genesis Paper
30th- Musical- which to say the least is a vast project

So yes I was given Lemons but it just turns out that someone else was going to make me lemonade.

Have a drink on me... Patman the Pat

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Musical Update 1

The title of this blog should really be musical update two but although the first updated you, this one is the first official update.

Stage one is officially underway... We me in Tyndale Chapel (See Below) this afternoon to have a music practice today and I was so encouraged and impressed by what my music sounded like with a band. Not that I'm saying my music was great rather the people playing made it sound great. I specifically enjoyed moving from my loose acoustic guitar grasp of styles of music to a more complete instrumentation of those genres.

The specific fun genres were:

1- Blues
2- 80s rock
3- 50s
4- Exciting opening musical song

Putting a band together was fun and intriguing
My band was:

Dave Kentie- electric Guitar
Andrew Snider- Drums
Ryan 'Poncho' Eras- Bass
Jo (I think her last name is) Miner- Piano
And me on acoustic Guitar

This is us practicing

This was an exciting day. The music is now officially arranged and complete (sort of) and now we move into recording.

P the P

Note: if you ever want to have loads of fun write a musical.

Friday, February 09, 2007

What am I to do with Jesus?

In my recent endeavors to become one that is educated I came across, rather, was told to read the book Jesus and the Victory of God by N. T. Wright. and I think I can rightly say I'm taken aback. Now it isn't that the book was horrible or that it was way beyond my thought process but rather it redefined my way of thinking about Jesus.

Wright approaches Jesus from a specifically historical perspective. Looking at what we as people today can know truly about Jesus. And the thing is that the Jesus we tend to talk about in church seems only a figure of who Jesus was historically.

The book brought out many questions I had never really thought of like:
Did Jesus always intend to die?
Why did he die (not the theological question but rather the social and historical question)?
What did Jesus think of himself?

And frankly these questions opened a whole new light within my thoughts on Jesus. For instance, it turns out, and it makes perfect sense, that Jesus wasn't talking to me. He was talking to a bunch of people around him, and specifically the people of Israel. And ultimately this thought was only a surface scratch on a larger picture being formed around Jesus.

The book brought up many interesting and life changing concepts, not in a devotional sense but rather a factual sense, which will eventually have ramifications on my devotional sense. I would recommend it to anyone longing to see Jesus. With that being said as well it is not a book to take lightly, it will shake things from our present understanding and force some deep questions into the open.

In conclusion Wright's book captures Jesus in a way we rarely see in the modern world. Also where Wright is not entirely perfect in his understanding the book points to a method of which we can begin to interpret Jesus. this post only stands to highlight a small part of this 660 page book but I hope it intrigues you.

P the P

(I feel very Markish for posting on a book but I think it has validation)