Tuesday, December 12, 2006

This is the end... the end my friend.

Today is Tuesday. Next tuesday I leave residence for the last time. It is bittersweet to love the place I have held dear and called home for the last 3 and a half years. So I have one week left in this home and that is good and bad. Here's why...

Pros of leaving Campus:

1- 'growing up'- reaching a new stage of life by just taking on more responcibility.
2- change is good- going beyond the stagnent into something fearful makes you better
3- Friends- Dan, Brad, Paul, Penney and Clements live within 100 feet or in the house.
4- Price- theorhetically cheaper
5- Fun- Things will be fun

Cons of leaving Campus:

1- walking- living off campus requires me to move farther than ten feet from day to day.
2- Friends- Feeney, Andrew, Dave, Steve, Will and a whole whack more of my friends live on campus.
3- Food- I have to make my own food... but that can be good.
4- Community- I will be leaving a community I love dearly and that is not easy

Ultimatly this was a tough choice. the balance of right and wrong, good and bad, friends vs friends... its all very complicated but I think I made the right choice. Oh and I may have prayed about it... who knows?

P the P

Monday, December 04, 2006

Paper Mache

It seems I have finished yet another semester of writing papers. I have spent a fair share of time expressing my various thoughts on religion, philosophy and law (yes I didn't really expect law either) But none the less I have made it through the wilderness and taken a few trees with me. But as the semester closes I take a moment to reflect on the value of what I have learned.

Critical Reasoning (Monday and Wenesday 2:45 pm-4:00)

This class has been spent analysing the words and arguements of other people in attempts ot teach me how to better express my opinion. A small class of 8, we love to sit and mull over the suttle nuances of a good sillogism, the ins and outs of standard form and all the truth tables I could handle. It has been a time well.... spent.

Law and Religion (Monday 6:30 pm-9:30)

With one of my most interesting professors this class is probably one I'll never forget. Responcible for more reading then the sum total of my career in university. We have analysed what religious law means. This class intended for second year students is filled with forth year plus seeing as though the only students in second year dropped this course after day one. I will take whatever grade I can get at this point and will be content to pass... this course was meant to be a bird course for me and it was but the bird just happened to be a pheonix going down in flames.

First Corinthians (Wednesday 6:30 pm-9:30)

Dr. Penner teaches this course. What else can I say?

But for those of you who don't understand that reference. This class is very interesting, practical and full of ancient greek references. Yes I know I am a little bit of a nerd but I can't enough. I do however sit in the back of the class drawing pictures of various relevance with Brad.

World View Seminar (Thursday 8:30 am-11:30)

Big books and big words. Every week we come to this class and discuss the problem of humanity in various forms. We tend to glaze over the solution but I think we are getting there. This class is by far the most stimulating class I have because although I understand the proffessor I could never quite explain it so eloquently as he does.

This has been my semester. I have travelled the same halls, to the same rooms, to learn things that matter and don't all at the same time. The sum of my work this semester is that I understand what the problem with the world is both in the ancient world of the corinthians and in the world today. I can argue them in the manner of Plato and Socrates and ultimately I can't truely express them freely due to the law. Too bad.

P the P