Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Its happening all around us... but no one makes a sound.

Thousands abandoned... left without care.

We have a new terror sweeping the land. Across the internet and around the world people everywhere are abandoning what they started. In 2006 the exciting and interconnected "Facebook" arrived on the scene. At first it was a wonderment... People were happy, excited, reconnecting with old friends, and inter-connecting with current friends. It was a happy time for the internet... or was it?

Behind the scenes of this modern craze there was a dark alley of abandonment. You see all over the internet people are giving up on their traditional blogs and opting for a 'note' based system of posting. But what about the blogs? What about the pointless stories you once wrote for all the internet to see? What about the photographs and epitaphs you churned out on a semi-almost-sort-of daily to weekly basis? What about the hours you already wasted, invested in this faction of internet culture? What are you going to do?

With the abandonment of blogs everywhere there is more need in the internet today for people like you to step up and support traditional blogs. But this is more than a call to donate money (send all donations to rubic_@hotmail.com) but you can do more (although donations would be great: rubic_@hotmail.com). If money isn't available you can:

1) talk to a friend who has abandoned their blogs (maybe even write on their wall)

2) start support groups in your community to raise blog awareness

3) think about adopting a blog that is already out there

Blogs matter.

(This has been a paid advertisement by the "Pat Needs a Life Foundation" if you would like to be involved in the PNLF please send all donations to rubic_@hotmail.com)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


So I had a fun conversation this evening. I was talking to a man and I was telling him about my current perspective on law, from my course on Law and Religion. And he got really excited and told me it was my calling.

I just didn't have the heart to tell him how much I really didn't like the course.

Patman the Pat

Friday, May 18, 2007

Where have all the bloggers gone?

Look I have three things going against me... 1- I'm alone, manageable. 2- I have an ample supply of time on my hands. 3- I have dial up Internet.

With that in mind I am attempting to read my friends blogs (listed to the left) and find exciting new updates. As of recently I have found no new updates (except Fulford's blog) and its making me right cheesed.

Friends I'm calling you out. Pick up your electronic pen (the keyboard) and say something.
(if you are reading this and I don't know your blog and you are frankly up set that I would write such grandiose claims let me know what your blog is... although technically I may already read it if it is listed on someone else's blog... I'm just too lazy to update that list)

Patman the Pat

Monday, May 14, 2007


is the loneliest number that you'll ever know... it is aparently many other things as well.

Today marks day one of my official 'solitude' at camp. This pretty much means I live on the camp property alone. This is an interesting development in all that is Pat, since I generally do enjoy the company of a select few individuals and prefer some form of social interaction. This being the case I am intrigued by the prospect of being alone.

Tanya K., as all those former RAs would know, would say that it is good to spend time in the quiet and in solitude (but I think she stole that from a book or two) Some movies mark that those who spend extended time alone go crazy. As for me... I'm hoping to land somewhere in the middle... a cross between the desert fathers and Gollum.



Develop a strong spiritual life by communing solely with the Father while at the same time developing a strong inner life by communing with myselfs.

With that being said we would like to bid you farewell...

Patmen the Pats

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I have recently begun working at camp and to actually work at camp you occasionally have to fill out the proper forms (you know like apply for the job). Needless to say I had to write a page on how to lead a child to the Lord and since all of you need to take from my vast knowledge I decided to post it here.... shall we?

To Save a Child

This is an instructional page on how to lead a child to a saving knowledge in Jesus Christ. Before you attempt to bring a child to the Lord remember safety first. In all occasions where you attempt to work something for the Glory of the Lord remember to pray. This is not only a great way to keep you in contact with the Lord but also remember it is not you that saves the child but the Holy Spirit who works in both you and the child. Invite Him and draw on His strength first.
It is best when bringing someone to the Lord that you know them and they are comfortable with you. Most children respond well when they are with someone they know. Also perceive the situation: A child playing baseball or is very preoccupied with a craft may not want or have the attention to follow what you are saying or take it seriously. But a child that is, let’s say crying on Vesper Rock because of what the speaker said, this child may want to talk about life and love and maybe even Jesus.
Understand of course that you can never force Jesus upon someone but look for opportunity in conversation when it arises. For instance if a child says “Boy that sunset is so beautiful” One could respond “That’s one of God’s gifts to us: the beauty of creation” Therein turning the conversation to the fact that God loves us. But if a child says something like “Boy I really love candy” A comment like “That’s one of God’s gifts to us: Candy!” may not be quite right. But it is clear that at anytime and in anyplace you can speak about Jesus.
It is important that a child has some understanding of what they are doing and what you are talking about. A child that think Jesus shot fire from His eyes and therefore thinks he is cool might accept him as their savior on these terms alone. So talk to the child and fill them in on the truth about Jesus.
Often you will find that fear is an excellent tool to manipulate a child into ‘loving’ Jesus. But that sometimes draws the question of what that ‘love’ really means. Ultimately a child who accepts Christ out of fear isn’t that bad off considering we do have much to fear but make sure the child also gets the “Do not fear” aspects of God (i.e. love, relationship, fatherhood).
When it comes right down to it is difficult to pin-down exactly how to lead a child to the Lord but if you give them the understanding that they are sinners, that God loves them, that Christ died and rose for the sake of all of our sins and that they need a life devoted to Christ, then the child can do with it what they will. You can aid them by helping them pray and teaching them verses and even just laying out the choice. But just let them know and they’ll decide. They are after all just little people ready to make decisions in the real world.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fact! I got a cool gift for my birthday...

Well corporate sellout I may be but I got a a Dwight K. Shrute bobble head. I think it will eventually sit nicely beside the Homer Simpson bobble head down at 493.

P the P