Monday, January 03, 2011

On Chris Clement's "On Office/size"

A few things to clarify:

1) I recently left my job at Norland. Long story but it didn’t fit me very well and therefore it was better to leave than to stay

2) I have a temporary job as the interim pastor at First Baptist Chruch in North Bay

3) I started today and commented (on facebook) on how I sold out because I suddenly had a larger office than I ever expected to have

4) Chris Clements inquired to size… and eventually led to this post about his office:

5) I would like to note I did not ever intentionally claim my office was bigger than Chris… he however asked about it’s size

This led to the question of office size and its relative ministry potential. (The classic its not how big it is but how you use it)

Here is my office layout:

I believe there is one thing which dramatically affects the ministry potential. Chris is a youth pastor (or similar title) and therefore needs an office with couches to increase teen hangout and ultimately ministry potential.

I, for whatever reason, have found myself ministering to adults which requires a different layout of space for effective ministry potential.

I submit to the readers (likely only Danielle Rourke and maybe Nyssa Clements) that both offices have high ministry potential based on the type of ministry we are engaging in.

Patman the Pat

(and mine is bigger… hehe)