Friday, May 30, 2008

Episode II: Attack of the Lone

It seems that the last month has flown by.

So many things have happened and so few of them will I ever blog about. (how's that for vague?)

Needless to say being in this state of solitude, single space, this one on one, or any other allerative alone-time, has allowed me to reflect on much of my life.

I would like to now share with you my reflections on Solitude.

It should first be noted that I am not technically refering to the spiritual discpline of solitude since I am not attempting to discpline myself spiritually. I am, however, refering to the experience of being alone. Here are my thoughts:

1. Being alone is quiet- I have a tendancy to talk to myself when I am alone for long periods of time. This is not a psychotic reaction rather an attempt to break silence.

2. In solitude your use of Technology changes- It was funny for a while I used to drag my computer speakers up stairs to use with my mp3 player and then every night when I went to use my computer I would have to climb up the stairs and find them. I recently discovered that headphones work just as well and since I am the soul that desires to hear the music it just makes sense.

3. Being alone is different than being with others- I'll pause for a moment to let you all have a metal break after that revelation. ... ... ... I find myself sticking to a schedule. I have to do it because otherwise I'll get lost and forget to do different things. I think I would also find myself bored. For instance I can only watch TV between 8:00 and 10:00 and then I have to go downstairs. Its very odd for me to be on a schedule and so I must confess that it is different to be alone then to be with others.

Those are just a few of the ways that being alone is helpful. I find myself reading my bible more, thinking more, longing for people more, drinking water more (but I doubt that has anything to do with being alone) but however being alone changes a person it should be known that I miss the Toronto times.

I will now have a moment of silence for the experiences of Toronto: Skipping class, Star Craft with Dan, Brad and Gerry, playing Wii, Ace of Cakes, Yelling CHOWN, making fun of Penney, talking with Paul, Civ 4 with Will, New Pornographers concerts with the Clements, Dr. Mario with Jay Locke, and driving to school instead of walking... Toronto... here's to you!

(I live in the tall one)


Saturday, May 17, 2008

A funny thing happen on the way to my documentary

So I hit a snag in the solitary documentary I was so excited to make about a month ago.

It turns out I have no means of transfering video from my camera to a computer.

It also turns out that solitude is even boring for the guy in solitude. This doesn't help me become passionate behind documentary making.

In conclusion I am unsure if that whole documentary thing will work out.

However I may pull up my boot straps and make it happen.

For a free sample I leave you with this:


(for those of you who miss that joke: its blank because nothing is happening)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


It turns out that this is my one hundredth post. That a pretty exciting concept (not only because it happens to fall on the same day as the hundredth episode of dancing with the stars) but because at times I thought I would give up on this blogging thing but yet here I am at 100.

Its been quite the journey and so today I thought I would look or at least reference my top five favorite posts and the five of my least favorite posts. For those of you who are new to my blog this is a quick way to catch up on the last 2 Years

Lets start with favorites:

Although a very recent post this one had that classic "I found something odd" feel to it and I think it represents well what I am trying to do with this blog: waste time.

These two posts represent shout outs to good times and good friends but also reflect my love of television. I enjoy both the themes and the titles.

MY favorite part of this post was the graphic of my schedule. It included things like "Pizza with the Dean" "Single and Sexy" and "Pick up Frosh" That was probably the best graphic find ever.

This was one of my best jabs at the expense of other people. I also enjoyed making fun of them.

Dan Young once told me there was nothing funnier than outright arrogance and I agree with him. I certainly am great.

In the honorable mention category:

The art of blogging:Modern Journals need more pictures

The Secret...No... Office life of Patman the Pat

Summer Reruns

Now for the 5 Worst posts:

It was a joke that was for the sake of someone who doesn't read blogs. Good Idea.

While referencing a TV show I like this blog was rushed and didn't look very good.

The sheer fact that I reference Pokemon pushes this post far into the worst posts ever.

Rushed and a waste of space.

Just plain terrible.

And there you have it. I haven't always been happy with this blog and at times I have outright loved it but yet I shall continue to pursue at least sub-excellence in every post and in that way I shall live forever on the interweb.