Sunday, March 15, 2009

First Reflection on Ireland

Well it has been about four days. First of all I will note I have spent zero Euros so far, which is an exciting premise. Second, I am deeply aware of the good friends I have here, particularly in Norman and Wendy, without whom I could have never come or at least would have never come.

I want to take a brief moment to describe a subtle moment of my trip so far. Being that I am taking part in the Irish lives of Norman and Wendy, who still have things like church commitments and classes to attend, for just a little bit, I have spent sometime engage people who I never would have on just a vacation. Most particular of those engagements was a walk a took the other day with Farren, Wendy's Rector (Pastor).

Wendy needed to go talk to someone and Norm was in class so Farren offered to take me on a walk to the peer. We never did make it to the peer but rather we went up Killiney hill. There was nothing particularly touristy about the walk, except perhaps the stunning view of Dublin City (photos to come at another date). But what I really appreciated was the Irish-ness of the whole experience. Rolling hills, greenery everywhere, and talking with a chap, in what I imagine as a typical Irish jacket and cap, about the little things in life. The whole thing screamed to me that I was experiencing Irish life and it was gorgeous.

This has been an excerpt of Patman's journey to Ireland so far if you wish to here more please turn the cassette to side B.


Thursday, March 12, 2009


I am in Ireland and blogging.

I have officially reached "international journalist" status.

Patman the International