Saturday, February 10, 2007

Musical Update 1

The title of this blog should really be musical update two but although the first updated you, this one is the first official update.

Stage one is officially underway... We me in Tyndale Chapel (See Below) this afternoon to have a music practice today and I was so encouraged and impressed by what my music sounded like with a band. Not that I'm saying my music was great rather the people playing made it sound great. I specifically enjoyed moving from my loose acoustic guitar grasp of styles of music to a more complete instrumentation of those genres.

The specific fun genres were:

1- Blues
2- 80s rock
3- 50s
4- Exciting opening musical song

Putting a band together was fun and intriguing
My band was:

Dave Kentie- electric Guitar
Andrew Snider- Drums
Ryan 'Poncho' Eras- Bass
Jo (I think her last name is) Miner- Piano
And me on acoustic Guitar

This is us practicing

This was an exciting day. The music is now officially arranged and complete (sort of) and now we move into recording.

P the P

Note: if you ever want to have loads of fun write a musical.

Friday, February 09, 2007

What am I to do with Jesus?

In my recent endeavors to become one that is educated I came across, rather, was told to read the book Jesus and the Victory of God by N. T. Wright. and I think I can rightly say I'm taken aback. Now it isn't that the book was horrible or that it was way beyond my thought process but rather it redefined my way of thinking about Jesus.

Wright approaches Jesus from a specifically historical perspective. Looking at what we as people today can know truly about Jesus. And the thing is that the Jesus we tend to talk about in church seems only a figure of who Jesus was historically.

The book brought out many questions I had never really thought of like:
Did Jesus always intend to die?
Why did he die (not the theological question but rather the social and historical question)?
What did Jesus think of himself?

And frankly these questions opened a whole new light within my thoughts on Jesus. For instance, it turns out, and it makes perfect sense, that Jesus wasn't talking to me. He was talking to a bunch of people around him, and specifically the people of Israel. And ultimately this thought was only a surface scratch on a larger picture being formed around Jesus.

The book brought up many interesting and life changing concepts, not in a devotional sense but rather a factual sense, which will eventually have ramifications on my devotional sense. I would recommend it to anyone longing to see Jesus. With that being said as well it is not a book to take lightly, it will shake things from our present understanding and force some deep questions into the open.

In conclusion Wright's book captures Jesus in a way we rarely see in the modern world. Also where Wright is not entirely perfect in his understanding the book points to a method of which we can begin to interpret Jesus. this post only stands to highlight a small part of this 660 page book but I hope it intrigues you.

P the P

(I feel very Markish for posting on a book but I think it has validation)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Patrick Sutherland: The One Night Stand

That title is something that Dan came up with. I think it is provocative and mysterious. But it's bound to interest you in the latest project I am embarking upon:

Tyndale: the Musical

I know what you are saying "Oh yeh we've all thought of that from time to time but no one ever gets past the thought. When are you going to write it? When will it be? Who going to have the time?"

Well let me respond to each of those in strides:

What are you going to write it?

Already done, infact its already been approved by students council. Its just a matter of doing it. I know you're impressed... save your applause for later.

When will it be?

Since council has approved it I can tell you its on March 16th... so this is your official save the date.

Who has the time?

Well theoretically... I do and various others. Ask around you'll find out who.

Needless to say I am excited. This is the greatest project I've ever tried to accomplish. Its a comedy. It should even be available for DVD purchase... Maybe.

March 16th its going to be great

P the P