Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm not particularly happy right now...

I just had the opportunity to watch a movie called "For the Bible tells Me so" It is about Homosexuality and the Bible (more specifically the church). I understand that movies are crafted and have bias and because of that we need to think, truly think, about what is being said and expressed by the film. Ironically that is part of the argument of the film. It asks the viewer to think about the bible not just take what others say about it. I think that is a valid point and anyone who has had the fortune of talking to me about what I think the church is doing wrong, will know that I'm down with that idea. (note I say the word think five times above in effort to emphasize the point: THINK!)

But that isn't why I'm not happy. I'm not happy because the movie reflects Christians as people who hate. Its not just that the movie reflects that Christians hate but rather that the movie employs no trickery, no video magic but rather shows video footage, speeches, sermons and letters that clearly express that Christians hate people who are homosexual.

This is what troubles me this evening. How can I be part of the church knowing it is so full of hate? Why should I be proud to be a member of the church, when there is little to be proud about? I just can't imagine that this is a reflection of the church. I know there are loving people and that not all Christians are extremely hateful but I just feel such injustice pouring from the mouths of those who proclaim justice.

I don't know what God thinks about homosexuality. I know what the words on the page of the bible say... I thought I knew what they meant but if I look hard at myself and the standards of scholarly, theological study I hold myself to, I would have to say on this issue I have no argument one way or another except that which I am told by the people (a very broad category) who I listen to.

Heres the thing thats getting to me: God is in the process of setting the world right (as started with Jesus on the cross and his resurrection)... If you believe that then I have a question for you (the question I am asking myself) where does homosexuality fit?

If it is a sin what does that mean?
If it is natural/biological what does that mean?
If it is good or bad what does that mean?

And then what is our duty as a Christian (one who is meant to proclaim that God is setting the world right)?

Frankly I am concerned. I don't care what people do wrong I only care that they experience God's love, justice and grace. If that means dining with prostitutes and worshiping God with homosexuals. I think I'm ok with that.

I imagine that if someone experiences God's love, justice and grace they will respond to God appropriately (whatever that means) and if they are doing something wrong (or if I am doing something wrong) God will judge appropriately (whatever that means). And perhaps He may even begin to change all our lives to reflect Him more... and isn't that what being a Christian is all about.


Oh yeh go and watch the film... regardless of what you think about the issue... it will be good for you

Friday, February 15, 2008

I"m not dead.

I'm not dead.