Friday, April 18, 2008

I yai yai

It turns out that "I" is a terrible gimmick...

And its not because Phil Kay asked me if it was going to work as a gimmick but rather it is a terrible gimmick because it limits my writing potential. Here is the reason why...

I have a hard time writing because every time
I think of a topic
I can't find a clever enough of way of using the word
I in the title.
I have always (in my head at least) thought that
I had clever titles which usually came out of my topics. Now
I find myself throwing away valid topics for the sake of
I ultimately feel that
I will avoid
I in my title and change to a new title because
I officially denounce

So lets embark on a new theme. In the next two months _ will be heading to camp and while _ am at camp _ will be the only one on the property everyday. This means that _ have officially adopted a new title: Adventures in Solitude.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

I am 23

Should I be worried? No because lets face it Jim Carrey is not all that scary.

Photo Above: projected Pat-looks at 47 and then 59

Happy Birthday me.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

I think I'm in love...

After the shock value of that statement has worn off I'll say it again. I think I'm in love.
Now let me explain why that is a slightly misleading title.

Heres the scenario: Last night I was writing a paper on Hosea. Hosea is a particularly interesting book about God's judgment and God's love. It has been a frustrating paper but yet now it is done. However when I finished last night I watched an episode of Scrubs. At the end of the episode one person proposed to another character. The character got down on one knee and proposed. There I was and the two images crossed and I was taken aback. God got down on one knee for us and I'm pretty confident that last night I said yes again because I realized I am in love with God.

It was interesting for me.