Monday, April 23, 2007

Ask me no questions...

Patman here... moments before my first exam. I have been chillin' all week therefore I have not probably studied enough. Although at the moment you could name a chapter in Genesis and I could probably give you a good idea what is going on there but ask me in a month and I'd be hard pressed to get it... probably cause I only really need the information for another 3 hours at the most.

This has been Patman the Pat trying to waste time before his exam. Tune in next time to hear Patrick say... Plato: The original Knight of the Old Republic.

Monday, April 16, 2007

We'll have bizarre celebrations... 2

well the season of pat has now reached its climax on today... my birthday.

I even got a gift from the Xbox... new Halo 2 maps... of course I have to pay for them but its the thought that counts

P the P 22

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We'll have Bizarre Celebrations...

I read a lot this semester. It was mainly because of this class I had, Issues in the New Testament. The course breakdown was pretty much: read books and talk about them. It was a great course. It was taught by my favorite professor, Dr. Erwin Penner. Today was the last day of class. I, along with Dan and Brad, had to do a presentation on the last book. But once that was done we could celebrate, Manwhich style.

Good times.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Choose my own adventure

Pat is on the verge of completing his education at Tyndale University.

What should he do?

1) continue to seminary with focus on youth and family

2) leave it all behind for the film industry education (based on current joy from Tyndale the musical venues...) so a career in Christian film and such...

3) find an overly complicated way to merge them both

If you select option 1 turn to page 324, option 2 turn to page 23, option 3 turn to page 520

Friday, April 06, 2007


The war at home has taken a whole new meaning this week. Since Thursday there has been fight after fight. It has taken its toll on us all. I never knew that in a house so built on community there could be such a struggle. Paul even had to be evacuated. Its crazy. All I'm saying is Age of Empires is back.

Thats right, we intend to end the semester right where we started: playing our beloved Age.

from 1997 to now this game has given entertainment to the most bored college student, the lonely high school student and once again to us here at 493.

Age of Empires 2 we salute you

tap eht namtap

Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Makes Fools of us all...

Now I would expect friends to prank me... enemies to prank me... even strangers on occasion might just prank me. But I think I have been pranked by technology.

Today as I went about my business (playing video games and whatever) I noticed two things. First that the house smelled of pancakes and second, that the VCR said that it was 3:00pm. This made some semblance of sense but as I peered over my shoulder the wall clock said 2:00pm. I figured the wall clock was wrong because it had led me astray once before. I carried on with my day and at 4:00pm (VCR time) I went grocery shopping (hoping to be back so that I could prepare dinner for around 4:00pm (Wall Clock Time).

As I returned from shopping and began to put away my food I noticed two things wrong in the kitchen. First, as a diversion from the actual story, I notice the front element of the oven was still on (for what I assumed was about 2 hours) and on that element was in fact a pancake which had lost all fluids and was rock hard. As I turned off the element (avoiding potential fires) I notice the clock was in line with the Wall Clock which read 4:00pm. Inevitably I turned on the TV, because the TV clock is never wrong, and found out that it was actually 4:00pm and that the Wall Clock, and Oven Clock were correct. So I fixed the VCR clock and carried about my business (Watching internet TV and whatever).

This was of course the end of the slightly confusing events or so I thought. Down in my room later my computer clock decided to be in contention with my alarm clock: again one hour different. Now at this point I didn't know what to do. The TV was upstairs thus I couldn't approach it for wisdom and there were no clocks around to save the day. And for that I reason I messaged my good friend Dan "What time is it?" Low and behold I found out the important facts. It was the computer that was wrong. And Dan, being the intelligent and knowledgeable person that he is, had a theory to why technology was making me an April Fool.

To Dan it wasn't technology but Y2K (no Dan isn't a crazy nut believing that it has finally happened) like symptoms. It seems with the change of Daylight Savings some technology is not compliant and so today, what would be Daylight Savings a year or two ago, my computer and VCR caught the bug.

In conclusion the technology pranked me but the Government was responsible.

Patman the Pat

(Note as well today marks the halfway point in the lenten-like month of Pat. Keep on celebrating)