Thursday, September 28, 2006

My Space

This isn't just a rant against the amassing internet cult known as "My Space" (ironically just another form of Blog type community)

But low and behold I have rearranged my space aka my room. This move has created a fun-shway environment capable of entertaining all men and women (note the invitation).

Now for the new layout:

1. The Closet- Now acessable to all humans. It now has a hat on its shelf.

2. Stacked Desks- I have stacked the desks and have stacked the deck in my favor for space.

3. Van Seat- Now located in a 'near the door' location. Its nice to talk to people as they walk by.

4. Bookshlef- Still shelving books.

5. Bed- No Change

6. Abnormally long Dresser- Stylishly tucked away where no one will see it.

7. TV stand- The TV stands here on wheels now capable of moving anywhere in the room

8. The guitar- Ah Ah Ah Ah Standing Alive

This is my new room. Love it. Drop in. Maybe even say hi.

P the P

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Single Life

I love ambiguos things.

The title above misleads you all so well that I can hardly wait to tell you the secret of the title. This reflection is infact on the topic of having a single room.

I entered this barren wasteland that is considered a dorm room to find more space then imaginable. It was beautiful. No roomate. No restriction. It was wonderful. I think I heard angels singing but that may have just been music blaring from Kentie's room.

Now on the topic of roomates let me clarify. I have had marvelous experiences with roomates. Longard, Thompson and Micah were all individuals that stood to make my day brighter. But in the long run I enjoy my space as much as the next man so I dished out the cash to get that freedom.

And with this new found freedom I have laid out the room in the manner most befitting a single room...


1. The Closet/Sink Area- This has long been a place various items of clothing and what not. But I have abandoned this space for the sake of nothing. I rarely use this closet anyways so I dub it "the neutral zone"

2/3. My Desk- Complete with desktop computer, pen holder and various rubik's cubes, the desk area serves to eat up much of my time. It also serves as a great place for doing homework (I guess anyways). It also has the proper amount of space for a LAN party of two or three people. I dub this space "The Desk of Eternity"

4. The tradition van seat- Note that over the summer one of the two van seats that I love grew cold. Or more specifically grew mold. So it has long been removed from me home and is gone to a 'better' place. But the vigilant, bold seat that remains is holding its own. It is a vital part of the corner area which I will discuss later. It is dubbed "The Throne"

5. Abnormally long dresser- With Tv, Xbox, Game cube and many other forms of entertainment this object makes the room the place to be. Thankfully I found a way to place this obstruction in such a way that it is a blessing not a burden. I dub it "The Abnormally long dresser"

6. The Bed- A favoured item in my room. I dub it "Home"

7. The Bookshelf- Part of the trifector with number 4 and 8, the bookshelf shelves my books. It stands as a becon to the education I an attempting to get here at Tyndale. It also holds the shelf of memories; the place where I put items of significance from my tyndale years. It with the van seat is dubbed 'The Reading Nook"

8. My Guitar- Musical influence in the room that allows my spirit to soar. I call it, in conjunction with the van seat: "The Rocking Nook"

This has been your tour of Patman's 'Pat Cave' Donation are welcome in the donation box at the end of tour.

P the P

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Let's start the Revolution...


This weekend I began playing the game Dance Dance Revolution. The games purpose is to step on the proper dance pad at the right time... I think the concept of me doing this is funny enough to make this blog halarious. So Dance.

The Dance Pad:

The Dance Screen:

The Dance:

Pat T. Patman

Note: The above photograph may or may not contain me dancing

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Reading, the story of Pat's Life...

In attempts to create many a blog I have destroyed three whole posts... one on "Boxed Sets," one on "Missing" and this one... My desktop failed me many times and frankly my energy is waning...

But now in the midst of my studying I am presented with many opertunities to read... so I present to you:

Pat's Reading List Fall 2006

ritical Thinking- This book argues for the sake of arguement. Talks about talking and sets up even the most unless individual to make a point. It is a required text for my critical reasoning class.

A Canticle f
or Leibowitz- A post-apocalyptic world where all written knowledge has been destroyed except for loose fragments here and there. Now society is being reborn within this realm. Includes a character named 'Brother Pat.' Worth my time and yours.

Law and Religous Freedom in Canada- Goes hand in hand with the course "Law
and Religion' and sounds about as boring as my last post.

Garfield at Large- Not a typical university book but foundational in my life none the less.

The Brothers Karamazov- A book about a disfunctional family that is deeply involved in a court case/murder mystery. It's the 90s version of "Arrested Developement"... more or less.

1 Corithians: a Commentary- its a commentary on 1 Corinthians.

The Bible- Useful for life, the inspired word of God, a textbook but not a textbook, this is the key text of my... life and so makes it onto the reading list for today.

This is a brief look at my current reading list. I would also recommend balancing these with a healthy balance of House, Futurama, Corner Gas and Smallville.

Patman the Pat