Sunday, October 22, 2006

Life of PI

I have a friend who has a blog. But this blog isn't created to tell you about his day, or to make a joke or two. His blog tells a story.

Early 2005 Mike Hamilton wrote the "Survivor Blog." The reality show blog. It was great. I was a character... People I knew were characters... people I didn't know were characters. It was all organized in his head and he wrote it out for us every weeks. It was amazing.

Now Mike's latest project, Robbers and Cops, is a new reality game and it is fun to read. There are robbers, there are cops and there are private eyes. I'm a private eye and its pretty much fun to read.

I even have a funny story to go along with this. Last January I was at Emanuel Bible College for a conference on Student Publications. At the reception following, I was cracking jokes and letting the whole world know I liked cheese and crackers. Then this guy came up to me and said "Are you Patrick Sutherland PI?" Now I looked at the man for a second trying to guess what he was talking about and eventually my blank stare told him I wasn't sure what he meant. He responded "From Cops and Robbers online." And in that moment I realised I was a celebrity. I was being recknized for my loose affiliation to a blog that a friend of mine writes. It was pretty funny. I shook the guy's hand, gave him my autograph and got in my limosine (more specifically Lewis' car).

Anyways here's to you Mike Hamilton and your Reality blogging. I look forward to Survivor 2.

If you are interested in Mike's Blogs Cops and Robbers (which is still going on) can be found at

and Survivor Hamilton can be found at

P the P

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Good News....

No one mourns the Weekend and as mine begins this very day, Thursday Oct 19th, I embark into a stellar production of Wicked.

This musical is a replay of the story of the wicked witch of the west (Elphaba) and Glinda the good witch. It focuses on the adventure of Elphaba as she grows up and becomes who she is going to be. It is an intrguing show. It reminds me of the Smallville type scene. Where we know the end but the means of that end are mysterious and unknown.

I'm pretty excited. It will be entertaining and as I prepare to embark on this Musical story I can't wait to see it all.

And for those of you who hate witches... oops.

P the P

Monday, October 02, 2006

You asked for it...

Much to my shagrin I have been asked to complete my post on my room. I imagine three straight posts dedicated to my room is a little much but the Triology I have now created can be titled:

The Lord of my Things Trilogy
The Space Wars Trilogy
The Back to the Furniture Trilogy
The Evil Bed Trilogy
The Unhomey Trinity
Or Finally...
The Matrice Trilogy

Either way here are the objects requested and one new member to the room.

1) the White Board- Though not white, it features a dynamic silver quality found only at Canadian Tire. Upon it these days is a lovely drawing of Captain Will the Pirate. It resides above my van seat and is a welcome addition to the room.

2) Overly Large Photo of Janet- Dropped off at my house in the late of evening the day she left, this 8 by 10 sits somewhere in the room... I can't quite remember but here is a photograph of it last time I saw it....

3) The New Guy- While not a guy, this plant is my best friend and the perfect roomate.

Well thus completes the epic trilogy of my room. I would like to note that Janet and Will complained because these parts of the room featured them and well I'd do the same for you.

P the P