Friday, February 12, 2010

Twitter feed is fun.

So I didn't watch the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony tonight.

But I did engage in an interesting social or technological experiment. I knew that around mid-night my time they would light the torch. So I used that same function from below and just watched twitters about the torch lighting.

It was oddly entertaining (based on some of my friend's descriptions perhaps more entertaining than the actual event).

People were still guessing up to the last moment who would light the torch. Phrases like "Wayne who?" and "They should get Nickelback to light the torch" were fun.

But then the torch malfunctioned... Which was interesting to experience as it was reported live by those watching and twittering. As the first message came I thought is this real? Is it actually happening or some kind of joke? But as reports poured in, being updated by the second, I shared in the unique event.

It was certainly a neat way to experience the Olympics... favorite line: "Yay! Leave it to Canada to break the Olympics" or perhaps "China is laughing so hard right now"


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